Carimbo de borracha de madeira personalizada

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Comprimento (MOQ: 5)
Largura (MOQ: 5)

MOQ: 5, diferentes desenhos e tamanhos diferentes para escolher

Nota: O selo redondo só pode ser personalizado 3cm e 5cm, comprimento e tamanho de largura deve ser o mesmo quando a ordem de lugar do carimbo redondo, e por favor marque em seu pedido (selo redondo)

Requisitos de arquivo: cor única, sem gradiente, sem relevo, sem material de sombra. A linha é mais espessa que 0,2 mm, e o texto é pelo menos 1 mm de altura
Formato de arquivo: CDR AI JPG PNG BMP

O design e o tamanho dos carimbos de borracha de madeira são customizáveis. MOQ: 5 peça. Quanto mais você pedir, mais desconto você receber.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jill A.P.
I absolutely adore them!

The stamps took a while in production but after finally getting them and seeing the final product im absolutey in love!! I cant waiy to use these and hope to order nore in the future.

laura T.
Great quality and price!

This was my first stamp design & I was sooo happy that I ended up getting it. Everything was well made & exactly as expected. Highly recommended.

Love my stamp

I ordered a stamp to make it easier to stamp the packaging for our @LSSSD_Inc merchandise. It was perfect and the stamp color was the perfect match to our logo.

Nice and clean

Ordered it just to try it out, but ended up being one of my best buys.
The edges are super nice and the stamp has all the details from the original drawing. It's also really easy to clean with water and a bit of tissue paper even though it takes the ink really well.
The stamp with the ink is also great, you can see every details in the photo and it works in a lot of surfaces (if the surface is not 100% plain it would obviously not retain all the details but that's not the stamps problem). The ink quality is also really good!
Overall a very nice product, good quality and easy to clean.

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