How to Make Money by Art?

Hi, friends, today we are talking about making money. Everyone knows it’s essential to make money, but how can we do it through drawing? How to start it? Maybe this passage will help you!

1 Improve your drawing skills and your insight to the market

You can learn a lot from other artists work and the great artwork. You can absorb a lot of inspiration and art nutrition!

Gradually, you can draw some arts and imitate other artist drawing. One day you can create your character yourself. It means you can earn money by your IP!

So be patient to yourself and practice makes perfect!

2 Spread your art work on social media

when you have your own art, you can make it known to people, like Facebook and Twitter. People are always friendly to see cute and cool design! Some marketing skills can be grasped, and some marketing activities can be adopted when you don’t know how to do.

Though social media is the best way to earn money, and you could also get your followers in YouTube or blog later. If you don’t have so much time you can start in Twitter and Facebook page. Opinions on anime and your pictures can be shared.

A large number of followers need to be gathered if you want to be successful in selling your art.

3 You can sell your art in some websites

There are many great introducers and galleries in your area. You can find yours and upload your masterpiece. Don’t be afraid, and you have done a good job! You just have to pay a little money and introduce your art in these websites. Don’t be too shy of yourself. Sometimes the stories of the art will make it more charming!

There are some examples:Fanbox,PayHip, Cubebrush, Etsy, Society6.

It will be worthwhile to spend some time doing search on these websites.

4 Some art products can be sold to your fans!

You can print some charms, stickers and make some pins and other products as you wish. Your fans will be happy to see this, and they will be excited to have them collected! Image what your fans will love, and you can make a questionnaire on social media. Then you will get a list of stuff. Artists can be inquired and you can get a list of manufactures of cheap and nice companies.

Vograce is often recommended by our customers. We are very proud to provide good quality and service to our customer friends. You can try especially good-quality charms, stickers, pins and tote bags here. There is also amazing pencil cases and other interesting goods. You can also customize your design. Tell us what you want to do.

The cute stuff will promise a good sale to your fans!   

5 Create online courses or membership sites

When you have many fans, you can create the online courses and share how you did it! They will be interested and curious, and you can help a lot of green hands to go through the difficult time.

We hope it will help you in your beginning time with your art. And don’t be shy about your art. They are amazing! Maybe some day you can become a full-time artist by this! Hope you will make your dream come true!

About Vograce

Vograce is a professional anime peripheral product manufacturer and supplier. IP products, personal artworks and patterns can be customized. Vograce specializes in custom-made keychains, badges, pins, stickers, standees, tote bags and Washi Tape. Other custom-made products such as acrylic boxes, acrylic clocks, body pillows, cards, lanyards, magnets, mini notebooks, mousepads, stamps, throw pillows, umbrellas are also available.Those products are good for advertising, promotion, collection, decoration, retail, wholesale, etc

1 Low MOQ

Most products can be ordered from one to any number

2 High Quality & Low Price

The products are of high quality and competitive price

3 60 Days of Worry Free Shopping

The after-sales time is 60 days. If you find your goods have quality problems within 60 days, you can contact us to deal with them

4 Meet all kinds of Customization Needs

Precautions for follow-up purchase at Vograce

After we receive the payment, it means that your order has been processed.

If the quantity is more than ten or there are special requirements for remarks, we will send the rendering confirmation within 2 working days after receiving the payment. Please check your email. Notice: The email may be treated as spam. Thus, don’t forget to check it in your email box.

What packages do Vograce provide?

The default is opp bag individual package. It is okay if the customer sends the packages to us for packing. Some additional manual fees will be charged according to the complexity of the packing. Customized package is available at Vograce.

How long will you receive your package from Vograce?

The lead time needs 12-17 days after confirm the outline. Then there will be 2-7 days excluding weekends for shipping time. 

Vograce shipping policy:

Expedited: DHL, USPS, FedEx, etc. (2-7days excluding weekends)

Standard (In some areas): USPS

Vograce freight:

The specific freight is determined by the weight of the goods and the destination. For details, you can check the order submission page when you enter the shopping cart in

Should you worry about illegal copy or piracy if you order from Vograce?

Of course, you don’t need to worry about it. As for now, there is no complaint about piracy from Vograce’s customers. Vograce customers have their intellectual property rights protected relating to the content they create or upload to Vograce.


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