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First time ordering a wooden product from here, and I’m very impressed. Nice thick wood and print quality was beautiful.


Love the quality and arrived safe and secure

I love it

No issues at all. It looks great and I love it!

Vibrant colors and sharp image quality!

i was a bit concerned that the image quality suffers on such a tiny product, but it is very sharp and the colors are just like in the digital image (in CMYK of course)! Every lollipop is wrapped and decorated perfectly fine. I only wish they were edible.

Great finish and color!

These turned out better than expected! I ordered several different designs and all of them turned out great! Some of the colors were darker than expected but I do believe that was an error on my part when I was adding my files to submit. I got a smaller size for my first round with vograce and they are still really great quality! They were also cut really really well. Ive bought from other companies before that just looked like they butchered the cut job. I'll definitely be buying more but probably in bigger sizes!

Pretty good!

These totes are definitely more durable than I expected! The images came out pretty crisp but I do feel like some of the printing was a little weird. I could see some odd lines through the darker colors and a few white spots. Overall, definitely not bad for the price!


These turned out way better than I anticipated. They are so soft! They were vacuum sealed but puffed up nicely after I opened them. The zipper opens easy and the image came out really, really nice. I ended up selling some before even getting to add them to my site! Will definitely be buying more!



Great quality

It's always good to have a few extra accessory options! They are great.

I wanted a few extra chain accessories to have as a back up so I bought a few, but Vograce sent me a couple extra as well as what I purchased! The colors on the chains are very vibrant and they are very durable.

Solid black charms

I ordered 6 solid black charms and split it up between two designs. They came out great! The black accented my artwork really well and the artwork itself having a matte effect on the acrylic makes for a nice scratch-resistant texture.

Very good

I usually do not buy a lot of badge pins, but Vograce made this experience really easy with the template and with the fact that you can get multiple designs in one order. The colors were all very bright and showed my designs well :D

Squeaky squeaky

My manjuu plushies came out beautifully! I bought two different designs and both of them were sublime. The squeaker option is a lot of fun! It doesn't take away the squishiness of the plush but simultaneously adds a little bit of flair to the keychains when you squeeze them!


My designs were very vibrant and bright! Colors were perfect. No scratches or flaws were on them.

The charms inside shake smoothly and they are so much fun to jostle around. The shaker charms are a personal favorite of mine because they have so much potential and you can get so creative with them! They turned out wonderfully.

This is one of my favorite charms I've purchased off of Vograce, and I'm so glad the gold stamping was affordable because I wanted to try it for a long time. The addition of gold really makes the charm itself pop!

Dark green charms!

I love the dark green so much. The pictures showed up so well. My charms came out perfect with no flaws and the colors on my designs were very vibrant despite the color of the acrylic also being bold. I recommend the light blue chain as an accessory; I think it matches well.

Double sided glitter epoxy

I've always been somewhat evasive of additional techniques, but I decided I'd give it a try and I'm glad I did because loved how my charms turned out! I got the glitter ones for the first time and it added such a subtle and nice touch to my design :)

Great Lanyards

This was my first time trying Vograce and I am super happy with the lanyards they are great quality, the printing turned out great, and having a lower MOQ is really helpful. I will for sure be using them for when I have to make new merch again for summer cons and events!

Beautiful and shiny!

The gold edge is very bright and shiny, it looks wonderful! The print is very sharp and great quality. Perfect!

Wonderful effect

Really lovely keychains! The holographic effect is really nice. Viewed directly in certain light they will look silver, but different lighting and viewing angles show the beautiful and colorful holographic effect. Print is very clear and great quality.

great stickers :3

first time ordering stickers here and they were super nice quality, will definitely order again!

cute stickers !!

really nice quality stickers and the star holo print turned out so pretty!

Very Helpful!

I had some trouble with the manufacturing as it is my first time, but I loved the way they turned out! The representative helped and kept me updated with each part of the process, I will definitely be making more in the future! :)