Almohadas de cuerpo de Dakimakura personalizados

Precio habitual$7.92
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Tamaño (MOQ5)
Nombre del producto Almohada corporal de Dakimakura
MOQ 5 piezas/diseños múltiples
Puede ser personalizado Tamaño, diseño
Tamaño 120*45cm, 150*50cm, 160*50cm, 180*50cm
material Velvet de piel de durazno, 2wt, seda tributo,Peluche Tenga en cuenta que la tinta utilizada para diferentes materiales también es diferente, por lo que causará el efecto de impresión de la diferencia de color con diferentes materiales del producto.
Costo de envío estimado, tiempo de producción
Núcleo de almohada Recordatorio: si el núcleo de la almohada es voluminoso y el flete es demasiado caro, se recomienda comprar una funda de almohada y el núcleo de la almohada se puede comprar por separado de Internet. Por ejemplo, la palabra clave de búsqueda: relleno de fibra premium de compresión.
Aviso Si ha pedido más de 5 almohadas o tiene requisitos especiales, le ofreceremos pruebas/líneas de cabañas para confirmar que generalmente es una impresión de doble cara. Escriba una nota en el pedido si desea impresión de un solo lado.

La cubierta de la almohada del cuerpo está hecha de terciopelo de piel de durazno o tricot 2 videos o material de seda tributo. El patrón es personalizable y no se caerá. MOQ: 5 piezas, pueden ser diseños diferentes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

There’s not enough words to explain how absolutely amazing these came out! I got two separate versions of this body pillow (one is nsfw and cannot be posted) but they are the ONLY website I’ve been able to find to allow me to purchase these as nsfw. Customer service was amazing and the whole experience was lovely. I don’t know how else to describe the amazing work this website has done!

Material: 2-way, stretchy, soft, your average body pillow fabric: 9/10. Simply because the color was ever so slightly darker than I would’ve hoped, but that’s not on the company, it’s bound to happen through printing~

Customer service: 10/10. Answered all my questions, allowed me to send a preview of the nsfw file to see if they would be able to print it. So if you need confirmation before you buy, don’t hesitate!!

Delivery: 10/10. As expected when ordering overseas, it takes a little bit of time. I believe after the prototype was sent to me, it took a total of 3 weeks to arrive at my door? Not bad at all considering this also included production.

Overall: 10/10, I am SO happy with how it all came out and printed, it’s absolutely stunning and I know my viewers will love it too ❤️❤️❤️


I am overjoyed with my purchase! I ordered some soft plush dakimakura and they're perfect! The color is vibrant, the material is soft without being too fluffy, the quality is crisp and wonderful, I have no complaints at all! It's well packaged and looks and feels even better than I could have expected! I wish I didn't have to order at least 5 at once though, it would be nice to have the option of a smaller quantity. But at the price they're offered, I can't really complain.

Monika H.
absolutely amazing!

I wanted to have my OC on some dakimakura for ages, but I had trouble finding out how to order with 2 designs. Reaching out to customer service was super easy and they answerd my questions super quickly! Shipping was fast too ( I am from Austria and from order to receiving it was around 20-25 days!) and the Quality is EVERYTHING!
I just ordered pillowcases, so I dont know how the pillows itself are, but the cases are *chefs kiss*

Alexandre M.
Absolutely amazing

I could not imagine better quality. Thank you


Stunning quality and absolutely soft material
10/10 very cozy

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