Vograce Exquisite Custom Frosted Acrylic Keychains and Pins


 Chic, exclusive and classy are just but a few words describing the fascinating Vograce custom frosted acrylic keychains and Pins. The sophisticated accessories define the user’s style as they are designed with quality, durable, and attractive materials.   



Besides elegancy, Vograce is particular about variety and client satisfaction. The Custom Frosted Acrylic Keychains and Frosted Acrylic Pins come in multiple colors, shapes, sizes, printing and accessory rings and pins.


It's the fact of matching one personality that makes the frosted Acrylic keychains and Pins significant. The accessories are designed to fit everyone's color choice, style and price. Vograce is particular on affordability by offering quality products worth users' pricing and requests.


Quality is our primary concern thus giving the best materials for your custom frosted acrylic Keychains and Pins. Based on preference, Frosted Acrylic Keychains come with amazing material-color combinations as follows:

  • Clear frosted acrylic
  • Pink frosted acrylic
  • Green frosted acrylic
  • Orange frosted acrylic
  • Blue frosted acrylic

With the material and color blend, you can choose any animation to fit your product taste.


Our client's interests are always at heart; you have the privilege to choose your printing style. With various printing patterns, you can select either:

  • Single-sided printing
  • A double-sided printing with the same design
  • Double-sided printing with different designs.

The custom frosted acrylic keychains come with beautiful prints which appear on the back and front. You can choose the same design or different printing on both sides to suit your desires.


With nobody wishing for bulk products to carry around. Vograce slashed the size to fit your purse and pocket on the go. The custom frosted keychains come in the following sizes:

  • 2’’ (50.8mm)
  • 5 ‘ ‘(63.5mm)
  • 3’ ‘(76.2mm)
  • 5 ‘’ (88.9mm)
  • 4 ‘ ‘ (101.6mm)
  • 1 ‘ ‘ (25.4mm)
  • 5 ‘ ‘(38.1)


Custom Frosted Acyclic keychains are pretty unique as the accessories are diverse and labelled accordingly:

Product details

  • MOQ

After settling on your favorite frosted acrylic keychain, you can request an order at discount prices. The products MOQ is quite reasonable, with Vograce allows users a low MOQ of 3 pieces.

  • Overall product details

The acrylic keychains are made of matte texture, which is robust and quality and doesn't tire easily. The material is designed with multiple colors and custom designs for impressive outcomes.

  • Quality and texture

Speaking of quality, the keychains define all odds as the material comes with various exclusive details:

  • High hardness
  • HD printing
  • Smooth surface
  • Laser cutting

It's your choice to select from your ideal texture.

How to design your Custom frosted acrylic keychain

To receive the best custom frosted acrylic keychain, check out the following design instructions:

  • Provide a file in PSD/PNG/PDF/AI/JPG/CDR format. However, the preferred file is PNG or PSD files.
  • Ensure to offer the CMYK color with 3000 resolution and 1000 (+) pixels.
  • Vograce places a protective film on the acrylic keychains and Pins for extra protection and neatness. This gives the keychains a sheen look even after the film is torn.
  • The epoxy acrylic keychains don’t contain the protective film.
  • For double-sided printing, select your design preference, whether the same design or different designs.
  • For five-plus orders, be sure to provide proof details on how you wish the designs to appear. Please provide:
  • Name of the design
  • Quantity
  • Accessory number
  • Send the details in a zip file.
  • Ensure to specify every detail, especially on products with front and back designs.
  • All designs with text, choose the option “double-sided different design or same design.
  • Again, check on the drawing; they should match when attached or flipped.

Vograce designers are very accurate and produce the requested images based on your description. The charm size should include the border. For borderless charms, please provide 1mm bleeding space.

Charm size should have the border and hole. Note the length of the charm is determined by the longest part, not printing.


Our packaging is environmentally friendly and presentable. The keychains and pins are packed in degradable bags that are strong and can’t be damaged during shipping. However, you have the option to send your packaging base (optional or OPP bags). For this option, one must indicate it in the order description. The extra packaging request may incur some charges.

  • Degradable bags and optional bags
  • Doll machine packaging
  • Custom packaging

Custom Frosted Acrylic Pins accessories


Frosted Acrylic Pins are the perfect combination for your Frosted acrylic keychains. The Pins come in a vast variety of colors, sizes, printing and material.


Speaking of amusement, classy and fascinating, the acrylic pins are defined by incredible colors from:

  • shrimp pink
  • dark pink
  • sky blue
  • purple
  • black
  • yellow
  • Gold


The colorful pinks are cut in various shapes suitable for every user. Interested individuals can avail different pins as follows:

  • Heart shape
  • Start
  • Round shape (gold Pin)

Accessories on Frosted Acyclic Pins

The Frosted Acrylic Pins are accessorized with different resources based on the user's wish.

  • Pins
  • Pin and clip
  • Magnet
  • Rubber clutches

Size of the acrylic pins

Our clients' needs rank first, and we are always grateful to provide the user's preferred size as displayed on the diagram.


Going beyond and across borders is the Vograce technic. Clients across the globe can request for their preferred customer frosted acrylic keychains and frosted acrylic pins anytime. Request your order, and we will get it done according to your wish.

The best part of doing business with us is you can order as low as three pieces at affordable prices. Your request Vograce command, we create the keychains and Pin based on the client's taste. This applies on where you wish the pinhole should be, the color, animation, design and shape. It’s incredibly easy to access any services through contact details.

For shipping purposes, be sure to receive the products on time within 2-5 working days. However, the shipping may take more days for bulk orders.