Unleash the Beauty of Attractive Custom Acrylic Loose Leaf Binder Memo Pad Standees


Vograce is going beyond stationery borders to bring beauty, functionality and elegance to your office and personal life. With their custom Acrylic Loose-leaf Binder Memo Pad Standees, which are designed to your wish.


Vograce uses high-end quality Acrylic Memo pad standees, which come in a variety of clear, durable, colorful and different shapes. This gives your custom acrylic loose-leaf binder memo pad standees a magnificent touch.


Custom Acrylic Loose Leaf Binder Memo Pad Standees are defined by multiple smart qualities from:

  • High hardness
  • Laser cutting
  • HD printing
  • Smooth surface

The pads are easy and flexible to flip but cannot tire due to their outstanding material. The Acrylic Memo Pad Standees come with amazing decorations, anime and beautiful gifts.

The color quality doesn't fade, giving a lasting impression on the Memo pad and stand. Vograce preserves the quality with incredible customized materials to fit every user's needs.


The Custom Acrylic Loose Leaf Binder Memo Pad standees are accessorized with fascinating rings to suit any occasion. You can choose from:

  • Gold binder ring
  • Silver binder ring

The gold and silver coatings are long-lasting as they don't shade off, leaving the ring bare and colorless. Be sure the colors will blend in with all your attires and office stationery, making a presentable look anywhere you go.


Amazing will be an underestimate while describing the Custom Acrylic Loose Leaf Binder Memo Pad standees. The product comes with two definitive designs:

  • Double-sided, same design
  • Double-sided different design

To cater for all your design tastes, you can choose to have same-sided printing on the Memo pad or different printing based on your preference. The printings are well-blended to match your accessories and nature.


Thanks to Vograce, the Custom Acrylic Loose Leaf Binder Memo Pad standees can be in the right pocket size. No struggles carrying it around. Besides the different colors, designs and accessories. The Memo Acrylic Loose Leaf Memo Pads standees come with incredibly reasonable size:

  • 72*75.8mm
  • 55*93.8mm

The size and weight are pretty low to allow for flexible portability.

Quantity and Price

The quantity is defined by the number of products you wish to get. Custom Acrylic Loose Leaf Binder Memo Pad standees come at affordable prices that suit every user's budget. To avail a standardized price, one needs to book (MOQ) 3 pieces or more to avail a super friendly price.


Talk of flexibility, Acrylic Loose-Leaf Binder has vast features that align with everyone's preference.

  • The Custom Acrylic Loose Leaf Binder Memo Pad standees have low MOQ (3 pieces), which is excellent for anyone seeking low prices but quality binders.
  • Portable and compatible size
  • Easy to disassemble for quick page replacement.
  • Multiple colorful decorations

Material combination

The Custom Acrylic Loose Leaf Binder Memo Pad standees is a combination of fantastic materials. Each part plays a significant role in making an impressive Acrylic Loose Leaf Binder.

  • Binder ring

The binder ring is detachable and can open to fit more leaf pads.

  • Covers

With great color definition, the Acrylic Loose-Leaf Binder Memo Pads have strong covers. You can opt for different back and front covers as they are specified with amazing animations, shapes and colors.



Once the covers are placed, it is easy to insert the-sided adhesive paper to make a complete Memo Pad. The best part about the papers is you can replace them by detaching the ring and placing new leaves.

Loose-leaf Binder Standee

To give a fine finish, your Custom Acrylic Loose Leaf Binder Memo Pads Standee can have the back cover as the loos-leaf standee.           


For your Acrylic Loose Leaf Binder Memo pads, the color mode (printing) is defined as CMYK. Vograce provides a variety of colors to match the user's preference. You can go for the same colors on the covers or different colors according to your color preference.

Note Pads (Memo pads) actual sizes and shapes

The Memo pads and sheet size should properly fit to avoid bulkiness. Each feature on the covers is created with a specific creative shape and size as follows: 


The shape size is always fixed with the specified dimensions.

Production procedure (quick steps to create a Custom Acrylic Loose-Leaf Binder Memo Pad standees)

  • On your layout, set the patterns according to the design layers before proceeding with the cutouts.
  • Follow the instructions:
  • Based on the colors presented in the diagram:
  • The pink line:this is the actual printing area.
  • Bleed line: The line represents the areas you should print up to the yellow line. It should have a 0.5 mm bleed on a single side.
  • Print safety line: the print safety line contains the following dimensions:


  • 300 dpi/1000pixes
  • Color: CMYK
  • File formatting: jpg, png, others
  • Borderless designs: 0.5mm bleed (use the colors on the diagram)
  • Cover colors: The user can choose the same colors for the front and back cover or different colors.
  • Cover adjustment: the back cover can be adjusted as a stand or back cover.


Vograce offers pretty custom packaging either as an individual package. However, one can send their preferred packages, though some fees may apply based on the packaging.


Vograce shipping policy are friendly, with the shipping taking 2-5 working days based on the products. You can easily communicate through email about any product detail.