Personalize Your Notebook Experience with Vograce Custom Soft Ring Notebooks



Getting used to normal notebook spiral rings?  Vograce is here to define the odds and give you a venerating outlook.  Vograce Custom Soft Ring Notebooks are the new rings in town.  Here, we believe in soft but strong and beautiful.

The Vograce Custom Soft Ring Notebooks give a sophisticated look that blends in with all your apparel and environment.  Give an appealing look at the office, school, or meeting with our custom soft ring Notebooks.

At Vograce, we believe in color, customization, quality, and uniqueness.  Our Custom Soft Rings Notebooks are super-soft but super strong, not to tire or pluck off easily.

Fascinating Features of Vograce Custom Soft Ring Notebooks

Eye-catching is an underestimate for anyone describing Vograce Custom Soft Ring Notebooks.  Our customers can enjoy a variety of features, such as:


Your preferred size is our concern, Vograce design team creates multiple sizes to your liking.  Our customers can choose from the huge variety:

  • A6 (105*148mm)
  • A5 (148*210mm)
  • B5 (176*250mm)

Page selection/sheet

Vograce Custom Soft Ring Notebooks accommodate more pages as our soft rings are flexible to hold the pages easily.

  • Page sheets: 70 sheets.

Page design

Vograce page design comes with different prints and designs:

  • Square
  • Ruled/lined
  • Plain/blank page
  • Dotted
  • Graph page

Vibrant Color selection

At Vograce, we operate in diversification and exclusivity.  We spoil your imagination with different color selections, thus coloring your world.  Our esteemed customer hold the privilege to select from:

  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Black
  • White
  • Green
  • Pink

With the choices, why don't you stand out and blend in the colors with occasions or attires?  Vograce is keen to ensure our clients remain fashionable and live in the moment.

Soft and gentle Rings

As Vograce, we advocate for dignity, value, and presentation.  It is time our clients embrace perfect product combination features.  Our Custom Soft Ring Notebooks are soft and gentle so as not to hurt in case of a skin encounter.

Waterproof, stainless, and dustproof

Vograce design team is keen to offer all kinds of preventives: waterproof, dustproof, and stainless.  The Custom soft Ring Notebooks front and back covers are well insulated minimizing any possible damages.

HD printing

Vograce only associates with the best quality, thus giving the same vibe to our customers.  For your Custom Soft Ring Notebooks, one can always expect HD printing.

Anime choice

With our customers' choice being our command.  The Anime choice is solely the clients’ preference.  You can sketch your best pet and request our team of experts to design it.

Spiral tenderness comparison

With a simple comparison from regular spiral notebook rings.  Our Custom soft rings are pretty tender, easy, and gentle to touch.  The coils aren't just soft but make it easy for you to write.

Quantity, MOQ, price, and Discount

Again, only Vograce can offer you low prices for high-quality products.  Exclusivity is our definition, and prices are the main concern.  Our clients get the privilege to order at the lowest MOQ of 3 PCS.  All your orders come at discounted prices regardless of the quantity.

Crowdfunding (1st -30th April)

With the same spirit, we believe our clients will diligently come through with the crowdfunding.  You simply need to order a quantity of 800 pcs.  The items should be ordered separately.  Amazingly, Vograce is willing to fully refund you if the crowdfunding doesn't go through.


Consideration and accommodation are part of Vograce team characteristics.  We allow our customers to choose from a variety of features.  With the Custom Soft Ring Notebook, you have the opportunity to customize:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Design
  • Color

Structure build up

At Vograce, we allow creativity and design.  Our customers gain the privilege to design their preferred item, pet, and other customizable features.  For easy sketching, a structure chart comes in handy with the following details:

  • The inner paper counts as 70 sheets.
  • A soft, smooth, and easy to use pet soft plastic coil.
  • A frosted front and back PVC cover.
  • A custom 300g coated paper.

All these features help you create your favorite custom soft ring notebook.  Team Vograce is always at your service to give you the best of your creativity.

Default packaging

The joy that comes in receiving your order is fulfilled by the type of packaging used.  At Vograce, we work to produce the best.  Our default is super-safe and robust.  It's transparent, revealing the soft ring notebook details.

Enjoy the full view even before you tire up the packaging.  The default packaging is easy to manage, dispose and ship.

Shipping Policy

At Vograce, we are always excited when the order gets to the shipping level.  With our client's help, we easily determine the shipping timeframe.  

  • For smooth shipping, the Vograce team participates and engages the customer to confirmation of proof.
  • The proofs are sent to the registered email address.
  • Review and approve to commence the production process.
  • Once you approve, the Vograce team will work on the project within the shortest time as per the request.
  • Though we operate on speedy products, the shipping period will be determined by the product with the longest product time.