How to Track your order?

Having received many messages from customers for the problem of " how to track my order ?" Don't worry , I'm here to help you solve it step by step.

Step 1 : Login your account

As you can see below , once you open our site  please login your account .

Or if you are a new customer ,you can creat a new account ,then login your account.

Step 2 :Click " ORDER LOOKUP "

 Please click " ORDER LOOKUP "

Here are two ways for you to track your order.

① The first way : Please enter your order number ( shopify xxxxx ) and email ,then click : " track " , after that ,you can get the details of order status.

Here is an example of the order shopify36736,

please check it below:

② The second way : You will receive an email including the tracking number of this order .Then copy the tracking number and enter it into the block , click  " track " .At last ,you will get the detailes of  your order.

Here is an example of  the tracking number : FIP013668

please check it below:

Have more questions? Submit a request  .

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