Creativity Meets Elegance Vograce Custom Changeable CD Keychains



Vograce custom-made accessories simply amplify beauty, elegance and class through affordable custom acrylic products. The custom changeable CD Keychains are among the company's exquisite, sophisticated products suitable for every attire, occasion and personality.

There is always something for everyone at Vograce, as the products are made with love and clients' interest at heart. Custom changeable CD Keychains hold spectacular features that are unique to every user. You can experience incredible colors, shapes, sizes, styles and prices all under a single product.

Custom changeable CD Keychains

The keychains are a perfect definition of classy personalized accessories. They offer exclusive looks and features that are beautiful and lasting. The keychains are easily detachable with the CD section offering versatile designs.


Vograce custom changeable CD Keychains are designed with perfection and present two amazing styles:

  • CD cover +Spinning C set
  • Spinning CD

The spinning CD section gives a CD player effect, with the rotation reflecting beautiful colors.


To satisfy users' taste, the CD keychains come with two printing styles. You have the privilege of selecting your best print and animations. It's incredibly fun to create your keychains as Vograce allows clients to send their ideal Custom changeable CG Keychains requirements. On the framework, you can select your preferred printing as follows:

  • Double-sided same design
  • Double-sided different design.

It's never a bother to opt for double-sided different design printing as it indicates high-end creativity. With the choice, ensure to emphasize by writing a note during order placement.

Prices and discount

Elegance at affordable rates is what Vograce brings to the table. CD Keychains lovers can order different quantities of products at affordable rates and discounts as follows:


The prices are pocket-friendly and differ based on order and packaging.


Surprisingly, you can receive nice offers with the MOQ going as low as 3 pieces. This is pretty reasonable and allows for more purchases at great prices.

Product details

All our custom changeable CD Keychains are created with decorative materials that reflect various anime. They display creativity through vibrant colors, designs and prints.

  • Multiple incredible colors.
  • Spinning and switchable CD (with different stylings).
  • Low MOQ
  • Reasonable prices with impressive discounts.
  • High-end textures based on user feel.


Vograce Custom Changeable CD Keychains are versatile as they are produced in multiple quality. This can be defined in different textures, appearances, materials and accessories:

  • HD printing.
  • High quality
  • Smooth cutting
  • Long-lasting spin

Shape and size

Keychains ought not to be too large, small or bulky. Here, you can avail your preferred shapes to fit your pockets. However, the products have a fixed size of:

  • 68mm*60mm
  • 68mm*49mm


The custom changeable CD Keychains have an acrylic case with dimensions of:

  • 1 mm, 3.5 mm on the pet printing
  • 8*102.5 mm on the glue bonding rotating bearing.
  • 1mm on the CD ROM section.

The size and structure apply to all changeable CD Keychains. The Acrylic case offers a clear, shiny outcome that is attractive when blended with different colour variations.

Components and drawing requirements



To avail the best Changeable CD Keychains, you need to follow and provide the following requirements.Based on the diagram colors, the user should provide draw the front, backside and CD frameworks as follows:

  • Rotating Component
  • Cutting line: provide the actual size of the keychains.
  • Bleed line: you need to extend printed patterns up to the printing.
  • Printing safety line: on the green marked areas, one should use a designing object within the green line in case of deviations.

Product requirements

Once you check out the drawing requirement, you need to provide the image with the following features:

  • A resolution of 300dpi or 1000 pixels
  • Color: CMYK printing
  • The file format should be JPG, PNG, PSD, and JPEG.
  • Bleeding line: the margin should be 1.5mm. Use the images to check out the color guidance.
  • The user should be keen on the text mirroring. However, the backside acrylic and the CD-ROM acrylic have the same design. You need to indicate the double-sided same-design printing option in your order.
  • Backside B (check on the image above) should cover the CD rotating sections.


After designing your custom changeable CD Keychains with great love and beautiful accessories within the shortest period, Vograce provides amazing, secure, custom, and degradable packaging bags. They also offer the user a chance to choose their preferred packaging at a small fee.


The products are shipped within the shortest time possible after confirmation. However, the confirmation time is not calculated in the production time. All product timing is different based on the order and requirements. Vograce will review the order and send the proofs within 2-5 working days via your email.

Once you approve the details, the products will be designed and dispatched to your registered address. For any additional information, please indicate a note or send an email.