Create Lasting Memories with Custom PVC Photocard Card Holder



With little effort, you can create a lasting impression and provide a beautiful photo visibility platform.  It's the changes from the standard photo album to the Custom PVC Photocard Card Holders that make the photography world spin. The new custom-made photo cards are pretty sophisticated and open to multiple designs.

Customization allows everyone to showcase their creative abilities by providing opportunities to model their preferred PVC Photocard Card Holder. You can modify and create new designs to fit various occasions and purposes.  The Custom PVC Photocard Card Holder can be presented to stand in as a gift souvenir, brand promotional product, and special home gift.

Great details about Custom PVC Photocard Holder


Custom PVC Photocard Card Holder is a new modern photo album replacement that comes in beautiful designs and colors.  The photo card holders take a creative structure where one designs different shapes, sizes, colors, and decorations.

Custom PVC Photocard Holder don’t require any professional skills to develop but few materials and effort. Amazingly one can save different photos in a single photo card holder according to the making.  It’s a fantastic way of enhancing great moments with family and friends.

Printing designs for Custom PVC Photocard Card Holder

The choice of the perfect design lies in your hands. Customizations give a leeway for design selection, unlike readymade PVC photo card holders.  The user can choose from two holder options namely:

  • Single sided printing front side
  • Single printing back end

Each Photo card holder has unique anime/pet and color based on users liking. It’s also possible to enter different messages on the frames for beautiful memories.

Color selection

Beauty is expressed through various aspects, color plays a huge part as it's eye-catching and impressive. Custom PVC Photocard Card Holders have default colors:

  • Black
  • White

However, you have the choice to incorporate or develop a colorful vibrant PVC Photocard Card Holder using other different colors such as:

  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Black and red

Anime/pet choice

We all have a special character we envy and wish to associate with. The Custom PVC Photocard Card Holder gives users the opportunity to incorporate different pets or anime on the card holder. This brings out the beauty and elegance of the Photocard Holder. It also enhances the particular photo on the frame.

Size and shape

Custom PVC Photocard Card Holders shouldn’t be bulky or inappropriately big not to fit in pockets.

  • 1” (25.4mm)
  • 30mm
  • 5” (38.1mm)
  • 45mm
  • 2” (50.8mm)
  • 80mm
  • 50mm
  • 140mm

The sizes differ based on preference and the shape of the Photo card holder.

Custom PVC Photocard Card Holder Accessories color selection

The custom PVC Photo card holders are accessorized with fascinating chains for easy display. The accessories are defined with different colors that blend in with the card holder.  Each card holder contains a strategic chain/clip area for easy fitting. One can choose their favorite accessory color from the choices below:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Blue-green

Additional characteristics

With Custom PVC Photo Card holders, one can experience multiple features that suit their personality and liking. The card holders come in various features such as:

  • Durable

PVC is quite resilient and doesn't break or wear off easily.  The PVC Photocard Card Holder is robust to handle different pressures.

  • Beauty

Beautiful bead chains that are easy to customize according to your desires.

  • Top quality

The PVC Photocard Card Holder is way better than traditional albums. They are well sealed, designed, and beautiful in appearance.  

Functionality of Custom PVC Photocard Card Holder

Revolution means a new lifestyle and innovative ideas. Custom PVC Photocard Card Holders are versatile accessories that make a significant difference. The Photo card holders are of great functionality which isn't available on traditional card holders or wallets.

You can avail simple and efficient services such as:

  • Storing your best photos.
  • Help keep important cards.
  • It’s a great money wallet.
  • PVC photo card holders help in displaying different information/messages.

Design and easiness

It’s no longer about bulky photo wallets and albums. The Custom PVC Photocard Card Holders are designed with ease and simplicity. The design takes up incredible features that favor the user as follows:

  • Custom PVC photo card holders are strong and durable due to the PVC incorporation.
  • The cards are pocket size and not bulky.
  • Due to the PVC material they don’t deform or break even on accidental pressure.
  • Besides holding the photos and essential documents. A custom PVC photocard card holder is an element of elegance and style.
  • One can place other cards or display nice messages using the photo card holder.
  • Custom PVC photo card holders are designed for all genders.
  • They are available in different designs, shapes, and colors.
  • Custom PVC Photocard Card Holders are easy to design and create at home.
  • PVC Photo card holder materials are easy to design and available making it possible to develop at home.

Custom PVC Photocard Card Holder Uses

  1. Business Promotion

Besides personal use, one can take up the PVC Photo card Holders business. Businesses can use new era marketing which includes visual and physical products.  Organizations can elevate their services and productivity through giveaways or displays. The card holders are incredible message holders or business logos and pictures during trade expos.

  1. Gifts

Make someone smile by gifting them a special Custom PVC Photocard Card Holder. This will create fantastic memories and bonds over a simple custom-made PVC photo card holder. Businesses can also gift their clients as souvenirs.

  1. Personal gift

It’s possible to make your own PVC Photocard Card Holder at home using simple readily available materials. One can also order or design the card holders from online design tools. The tools give guidance on the material, color, and design.  


Custom PVC Photocard Card Holders are your photo revolution. It's a beautiful and sophisticated way to display your photos for memories. Designing your best Photo card holder is simple fast and permanent as they are durable.