Beautify the Normalcy with Custom Spiral Dividers Notebook with Tabs


At Vograce, we help define the odds by breaking the normalcy and introduce exclusivity. We venture holistically into our client's lifestyles to ensure they maintain elegance and quality. Besides the personal products, we beautify your writing through the Custom Spiral Dividers Notebook with Tabs.

It’s all about coloring your world and providing high-end quality products for your office, home or bag notebook. It's always a pleasure to help keep the elegant and sophisticated looks through simple products. Our Custom Spiral Dividers Notebook with Tabs are easy to use and helps you segment your documents or details for fast access.

Custom Spiral Dividers Notebook with Tabs

You write, and we organize. Vograce design team helps customers avail the best spiral dividers for your Notebooks or binders. It's our mission to end the hassle of endless search through the Notebook for information which you can easily retrieve.

The Custom Spiral Dividers with Tabs contain anime/pet tabs that give a vibrant feel as you peruse through the Notebook. We offer colorful and amazing images to keep a happy feeling even in the midst of hard office work.


Notebooks are our little secret holders as they contain everything you need to remember or note. At Vograce, we ensure it's down with dignity by allowing our customer to create their idea Notebook. It's our pride to give you the best of your desires. The Custom Spiral Dividers Notebook with Tabs can be used differently based on liking:

  • Special gifts to colleagues and friends
  • Promotional products for your business
  • For personal uses
  • A souvenir

Custom Spiral Dividers Notebook with Tabs product details

It’s all about the elegance, professionalism and looks. Vograce is keen to provide all the nitty gritties. Our Custom Spiral Dividers Notebook with Tabs have incredible features that will suit your Notebook needs.


For fascinating custom spiral dividers. Vograce team work with the already designed size and shape. Our Custom Spiral Dividers Notebook with Tabs come with a unique fixed size of:

  • 105mm*148mm

The inner pages are also fixed with each Notebook counting 75 sheets.


At Vograce, we believe in customization for every product. Our esteemed customers can request for the particular idea Spiral Dividers Notebook with Tabs. It's our sole duty to give a customized size and print design.

The customized areas are:

  • Front cover
  • A four-divider page
  • Back cover

 Actual structure

You can expect quality at its best. Potential and existing customers don't need to worry about the Notebook outcome. Vograce team uses professionalism to offer quality. We provide a structure chart for easy review of the end result.

Our Custom Spiral Dividers Notebooks with tabs are divided with unique materials. The front and back cover are quite appealing as they hold the best colorful prints. The Dividers are also high quality and defined by different pets and images. The Notebooks are created using the following quality materials:

  • PVC front cover
  • A 300g coated paper
  • An 80g double-sided print adhesive inner paper
  • Cute PVC dividers pages
  • PVC back cover.

Comparison with other products

Vograce ensures you're at the top of the game. We don't give normal, but extra special quality. Our customers can embrace the beautiful, fascinating, unique Vograce Custom Spiral Dividers Notebook with Tabs.

Our custom Spiral Dividers are quite created with vibrant colors and with incredible pets. We don’t just go for ordinary prints and colors but seek the best out of this world designs. The inner pages are separated by the nice animated Dividers.

For a more appealing look, the outer cover is transparent and depicted by beautiful images.

More incredible product details

Our products are defined with multiple features and benefits. Custom Spiral Dividers Notebooks with Tabs hold significant details that define each part and its quality.

  • A PVC waterproof cover.
  • Brilliant color with nice texture.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • HD Printing.
  • Non-fading prints.

The Vograce design team ensure the Notebooks are safe from liquids by providing appealing waterproof covers. The protective shield is long-lasting, goes beyond the liquid uses, and shields the pages from being dog-eared. You can have a perfect Notebook free from tiring and damage.

Breathtaking packaging

With the consideration of shipping hassles and the need to view the product before you open. Vograce team opts for strong, transparent and easy-to-handle packaging. Our custom packaging is biodegradable and serves different purposes. Our clients purchasing the spiral Dividers as gifts or promotional products can view the product through the packaging before they present it.


Our shipping policies are super friendly and accommodative. We offer confirmation of proof within 2-5 working days to ensure our clients are happy. The products are designed after the customer’s approval. Shipping time is determined by the products with the longest creation time.