A Perfect Touch Blend With Vograce Custom Acrylic Bracelets

Select from a wide range of perfect, incredible, and chic custom Acrylic Bracelets. Vograce is your place to be with the vast acrylic bracelet collections.

At Vograce, we mind beauty and elegance, and we work to ensure a fine blend in our products. It's all about perfection, quality, and uniqueness. Our clients can attest to fascinating, rare custom Acrylic Bracelets.

The Custom Acrylic Bracelets are not just beautiful, fitting, and elegant, but they help you build confidence. They are well crafted by skilled professionals and use safe custom materials.

You can find your taste by selecting your favorite color, shape, size, and anime. Our Custom Acrylic Bracelet blends in with all outfits as the colors are well selected. The rings and bracelets are stainless steel, meaning no rusting effects.


We never go wrong with the coating effect on our custom Acrylic Bracelets. The bracelet's ring coating is non-fading and well-layered to avoid peeling.

Custom Acrylic Bracelets colors

Our Vograce Custom Acrylic Bracelet colors are well defined with two particular colors.

  • Gold color
  • Silver color

The colors are blended with the pets/anime. The pets come in black, blue pi,nk, purple, and more. It’s a great mix and match to fit every occasion.

Printing Design

Our Custom Acrylic Bracelet has incredible printing, appealing to the eye. They are pretty presentable to fit in with your attires.

  • A double sided same design
  • Double sided different design

Customization features

Our value for customer satisfaction is beyond measure. We customize all bracelet features from the pet, rings, decorations, prints, and packages.

You can order your preferred color, shape, and size to fit your desires. However, to align with your request, send in a note along with the order. Vograce email is open to our esteemed customers, and we gladly receive the request.

Custom Acrylic Bracelet chart Structure

To maintain elegance and beauty, the custom acrylic bracelet rings are elaborated with fascinating ornaments.

The acrylic sheet is within 5 pieces, with every decoration separated by a jump ring.

 Key Features of Custom Acrylic Bracelets


High-end quality, polished, and long-lasting is what makes our Custom Acrylic Bracelets. The bracelet chain is stainless steel and strong enough to withstand any force.


The decorative accessories are designed in different shapes, from stars, and heart-shaped to circular ornaments.

  • Gold accessories
  • Silver accessory

Within the acrylic bracelet, our team will attach your favorite customized pet/anime to give the final perfect touch.

Custom Acrylic Bracelet Sizes

You can experience our bracelets in all sizes. The bracelets come in the following sizes:

  • 5cm+$0.43
  • 2cm+$0.43
  • 3cm +$0.43
  • 5cm +0.43
  • 8cm+$0.4.3

Quantity, MOQ

Vograce products offer quality and quantity fees. Our customers can order multiple acrylic bracelets at super friendly prices.

We provide the lowest MOQ of 3 pieces for ordered items. Vograce gives a quantity of plus 3 acrylic bracelets to 5000+ items. Regardless of the usage, the number is favorable to all users. 


Our Custom Acrylic Bracelets are versatile; they enhance beauty and class and provide a chic outlook. You can enjoy the vast usage:

  • Gifts souvenir
  • Promotional gifts
  • Advertisements

  Product details

Quality marks as our strong slogan, and you can be guaranteed strong, durable, stainless Vograce custom Acrylic Bracelets. The bracelets come in deep material structures which is incredibly designed as follows:

  • HD Printing
  • Robust/hardness.
  • Laser cutting
  • Radiant and vibrant colors

It's a combination of perfection, beauty, and exclusivity. Our customers can be sure of strong rings, chains, and accessories.

Length/ size

Each accessory is well measured to fit arm. The lengths are defined as follows:

  • The Chain's length is 170mm+60mm extended chain.
  • Chain diameter: 4mm
  • Star size: 10*10mm
  • Pearl size: 6*6mm
  • Jump Ring: 0.7*6mm
  • Acrylic piece size: 10.15mm-40*40mm
  • Acrylic piece Thickness: 1.5mm

Packaging design

Besides the bracelet creation technique, Vograce services esteemed customers with perfectly fashioned packaging.

The packs are printed with the product details for easy reading. Vograce custom Acrylic Bracelets packages are transparent displaying the acrylic bracelet. The packages are custom-made, meaning they are designed with fascinating products.

Custom acrylic bracelet packs are biodegradable and safe for all users. When it comes to resistance, the packs can withstand any pressure. This makes them the best for shipping. Our customers have the privilege to send in their preferred packaging at a particular fee.

File formatting

The regard that Vograce embraces custom products means our customers can send in their preferred ideas. For perfect outcomes, one should provide the following file formatting:

  • PNG
  • PSD
  • PDF
  • AI
  • JPG
  • CDR
  • 300 Resolution with 1000 pixels.

Shipping your custom acrylic bracelets

Our shipping policy is friendly, favoring all our customers. To avail of products within the designated period, one needs:

  • Customers should confirm the proof or cutline
  • The product's complexity and production time will determine the shipping dates.
  • For any special customization, one should send a request email to Vograce.