Ways to take photographs of your Merchandise

Do you find yourself taking lackluster photos of your goods for stock purposes? Are you struggling to make them look interesting and engaging for potential customers? If so, then we have a few great tips for taking photos that will help give your products that eye-catching wow factor. From the type of lighting you use to styling techniques, read on as we explore everything from basic tenets to insider tricks in order to get amazing photographs every time!

Choose the right background - Select a neutral background to make your product stand out

When photographing your goods, it's crucial to choose the right background to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of your products. Selecting a neutral background helps to ensure that your items remain the focal point, preventing any distractions from taking away from their natural appeal. An uncomplicated backdrop allows your goods to stand out, effortlessly capturing viewers' attention and leaving a lasting impression. By carefully considering the appropriate setting, you can create powerful images that elevate your products and make them more desirable to potential customers. So, when planning your next product shoot, remember that a simple and neutral background is key to crafting eye-catching and memorable visuals.

Show off your product in action – Demonstrate how someone might use your custom washi tape in their everyday life for added effect

Capturing your custom washi tape in action can truly showcase its versatility and add that extra touch of authenticity to your marketing efforts. Imagine a beautifully adorned journal with your unique washi tape designs adding color and flair to its pages, or perhaps a lovingly wrapped gift, embellished with your eye-catching patterns. Imagine a creative soul using your tape to fashion striking wall art installations or transform mundane household items into decorative masterpieces. Photographing these endearing moments not only highlights the practicality of your product but also inspires potential buyers to incorporate your one-of-a-kind washi tape into their daily lives. Experiment with different angles and lighting to capture the true essence of the tape's magic, allowing its vibrant patterns and textures to speak for themselves. Through these visual stories, you can demonstrate the boundless potential of your custom washi tape, leaving customers eager to embark on their own artistic adventures.

Use props to add visual interest and personality

Capturing the perfect shot of your goods is essential in showcasing their value and drawing the attention of potential customers. To elevate your photography game, integrating props can play a significant role in adding visual interest and personality to your images. Thoughtfully selected items can accentuate the unique features of your product, allowing it to shine and make a lasting impression. Additionally, incorporating props enables you to tap into the power of storytelling, creating a context or setting that resonates with your target audience. This subtle but highly effective technique can lead customers to envision themselves using your goods, ultimately driving engagement and influencing purchasing decisions. Remember, a visually appealing photograph can speak volumes and be the difference between just another item and an irresistible must-have.

Shoot from different angles to give your audience an immersive viewing experience 

Capturing the perfect images to showcase your products is an essential aspect of enticing your audience, and shooting from various angles is a powerful way to achieve this. By incorporating a mix of wide, close-up, and aerial shots, you can instantly transform any mundane photo gallery into an immersive viewing experience. Different angles help to reveal intricate details while simultaneously highlighting the overall aesthetics of your products. Furthermore, it allows your audience to envision using your goods as part of their daily lives, thus forming an emotional connection with your brand. So, the next time you take photos of your items, remember to explore and experiment with unconventional perspectives to create captivating visuals that will intrigue and delight your target market.

Avoid direct sunlight when taking pictures of small items like acrylic keychains 

Capturing the perfect shot of your small products, like an acrylic keychain, can significantly impact their appeal to potential buyers. To ensure crisp and vivid images, it's essential to avoid direct sunlight, as it can produce unwanted glare or harsh shadows, masking the intricate details of your item. Instead, make use of natural light or soft artificial lighting that evenly illuminates the subject with minimal contrast. Photographing your goods under these conditions not only enhances their appearance but also allows you to showcase their true colors and textures, enticing customers and increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.


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With the right tools, a little know-how and some practice, anyone can create beautiful images that will help to draw attention to their brand. Whether you're a professional photographer or a novice just starting out, these tips for taking photos of your goods will help you produce visually appealing pictures in no time. Of course, it’s important to remember that the best photography is often the result of experimentation, exploration and discovery – so don't be afraid to get creative! Exploration of different angles, props, lighting setups, and backgrounds will bring new life to each photo session. Most importantly have fun with it and enjoy learning something new every time you make an effort taking photos of your goods.