New Arrivals : Multilayer Wooden Fridge Magnets

When buying wood products, you must consider the type of wood and its durability. Also, consider its affordability. There are several types of wood fridge magnets that you can use. You will find that they are both inexpensive and customizable. Read on to learn more about them.

Multilayer Wooden Fridge Magnets

Multilayer wood fridge magnets are one of the unique types on the market. They are handcrafted using fine babool wood and feature mesmerizing colors. They are also meant to attract divine blessings. In addition to being great fridge magnets, they can also be a great gift idea.

  1. Unique collectables

Multilayer wooden fridge magnets are collectables that are made from layers of wood. These magnets are often hand-drawn or laser-cut, giving them a 3D look. They are commonly used on refrigerators, filing cabinets, and whiteboards. In addition to their usefulness, these magnets also make excellent gifts.

  1. Unique decor

If you're looking for unique decor for your fridge, multilayer wooden fridge magnets are a great option. These wood fridge magnets feature unique hand-drawn designs. They also have a natural wood veneer that creates a 3d effect. The design can feature anything from Mumbai landmarks to delicious street food. There is also a clear acrylic front. They make a wonderful gift or addition to your existing refrigerator magnet collection.

  1. Unique gift

Multilayer wooden fridge magnets are a great way to give a unique gift. They can be customized with names or special dates. They also make thoughtful gifts for any collector. And, unlike some other collectables, magnets are relatively cheap. That means you can give them as gifts to family and friends without breaking the bank.


These customizable wooden magnets come in many shapes and sizes, with the option to add a laser-engraved logo. You can also choose a different profile, and many models are available with an OSMO hardwax finish for food safety. Your magnet may have slight color variations and grain depending on your chosen wood.

Customizable wooden fridge magnets are also a great way to create a unique gift that's sure to get noticed. You can send these items to clients and employees or give them away at events. The recipients of your magnets will likely notice it whenever they use it as a reminder of your company.

In addition to being functional, custom wooden magnets can also be a great way to build your brand's image. You can engrave any image or logo onto wooden magnets, so there are endless possibilities. A custom wooden magnet makes a beautiful gift, and the shipping costs are minimal. An acrylic keychain custom is an excellent way if you want to promote your business.


If you're looking for a unique and practical way to decorate your refrigerator, durable wooden fridge magnets are the ideal choice. Made from wood and painted with eco-friendly paints, these magnets are both stylish and durable. They also feature an easy-grip design and a water-resistant oiled finish. You won't have to worry about damage, as the magnets can be easily cleaned with a soft microfiber cloth.

These personalized fridge magnets can be a great way to show off your child's artwork! Made from walnut plywood and white acrylic, these unique refrigerator magnets are strong enough to stick to your fridge. And if you live in Bedford, Nova Scotia, you can even get them for free by selecting the "Free Local Pickup" option when checking out.

Custom wooden fridge magnets can be engraved with logos, images, or any image you want. Your design is entirely up to you, and the shipping costs are low. If you're in the market for a gift for a friend or family member, custom wooden fridge magnets are a great way to spread your name around. You can even personalize them to reflect your personality or your company.


These pretty wooden fridge magnets come in various designs and colours. Each one is individually painted and is made by hand. Photos shown are just for reference purposes; the actual drawing or color may vary slightly. Every piece of jewellery is unique, and you may request an additional production photo when you place an order. We also have a return policy, so you can return your magnet if you still need more.

Max Rocks Wooden Fridge Magnets come in various designs and are made from 4mm Birch Plywood. They're finished with a magnet and painted details. They'll look great on your fridge and are an excellent gift idea. The company behind these beautiful wooden fridge magnets is an award-winning design studio whose products are sure to please.

You can also customize wood-etched fridge magnets with custom logos and images. They are durable, easy to clean, and a wonderful gift for family or friends. You can even personalize them, and they can be mailed for free. Personalized Fridge Magnets will make great gifts and accents for your kitchen and home.


Consider custom wooden magnets if you want to make your business stand out. They are helpful gadgets that will remind your employees and customers of your company whenever they open their fridges. They are also durable and can be customized with your company's logo. You can even create them to reflect your company's personality.

A great way to personalize your wooden magnets is to use an online design tool. The tool allows you to upload your design or upload a design from the internet. If you need to gain experience with design, you can use it to create the perfect magnet for your home. You can be a professional designer to create a beautiful design. There is some advantage to using acrylic keychain custom.

Custom magnets are a great way to brighten up your kitchen. They're also great gifts because they can be used in several places. A website like Shutter fly makes it easy to customize your magnets. You can use a photograph of yourself or a loved one to add a personal touch. Photo magnets make great gifts for Christmas or birthday parties and are also helpful as promotional gifts for your business.

Fun to collect

A popular souvenir that you can purchase is magnets. They can serve several purposes and come in different materials. Collecting them can be a fun hobby for the entire family. You can customize the magnets with particular messages, dates, or names. Moreover, magnets are often very affordable. They are a great way to keep track of important notes.

Wooden fridge magnets are rustic and often souvenirs from travel destinations. You can visit boot sales or souvenir shops if you're looking for cheap magnets. Buying fridge magnets can be a fun hobby. However, it's essential to find magnets that appeal to you.

Some people collect magnetic souvenirs featuring famous landmarks. They'll travel far and wide to acquire these items. Then, they can use them as decorative magnets on their refrigerators. Some even make magnets with moving parts and electronic features. Collecting fridge magnets can be a great way to decorate your kitchen or home.