New Arrivals : Phone Grip VS Round Foldable Phone Holder



Phone Grip

It's hard to hold your phone when you're holding other things - like groceries, your handbag, a pet's leash or even a child. There's a lot at stake here. That's why phone grips have become more important than ever to keep your expensive gadgets safe in your hand. And today, phone gripers come in all forms: You can choose from pocket-friendly ones, flexible phone griper that fit like rings and even phone and wallet combo griper for those who prefer to travel light.

Phone grips are phone accessories that attach to the back of your phone or phone case, providing a loop or handle for you to place your fingers under. Famous PopSockets are most popular one, which are telescopic phone grips with colourful patterns. But on one type of phone holder don’t limit yourself. As the market continues to expand, there are now plenty of great options. These phone grips are affordable, durable, and easy to use and often have extra features. There is one more thing that customers can custom phone grip by their choices. Get a phone grip for your phone and make it that much more convenient to use.

There are many reasons why people actually like to have a phone grip on their smartphone:

  • It gives your phone a personal touch and character.
  • Gives you a secure knob or ring to hang on to.
  • Acts as a fall-accident insurance policy for your precious phone.
  • Works in hot or cold weather
  • Helps reach remote corners on large phones.
  • Cheap
  • Usually collapsible


Round Foldable Phone Holder


It's a conservative, round foldable phone holder with a flawless design. With decisive proportions and precise contours, it's a nice gadget to look at even when it's unused and folded.

The aspect of a credit card makes it completely compact and lightweight. Put it in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go, to the gym, school, work and so on. Do you regularly make video calls to friends, family or business partners? Then you can use round foldable phone holder. Adjust the holder to the right height and viewing angle and you can make hands-free video calls with your smartphone. You'll have your hands free to take notes or perform other actions. The foldable phone holder is also suitable for entertainment use. Watch your favourite TV series, music videos or romantic comedy hands-free. You'll have both hands free - one for the popcorn box and the other for your napkins. The round foldable phone holder is also perfect for studying. The round foldable phone holder is made of high quality metal and silicone. Thanks to the heavy metal, the smartphone holder stays in place. The silicone pads on the bottom and the pads inside the holder ensure that the holder and the smartphone do not slip easily.

There are many reasons why people actually like to have a round foldable phone holder on their smartphone

  • Hands-free viewing of your favorite shows and movies on the bed.
  • Play games using external controls
  • Work on your phone while using an external keyboard and mouse.
  • View photos and videos
  • Read your favourite books or news
  • Record videos
  • Work comfortably with group tasks
  • View recipes while cooking