How to make a Pen holder

A Pen holder is a cylindrical pen inserting device made of ceramics, bamboo, wood, etc.

Vograce can help you make acrylic pen holder and you can have your own design!

How to make your pen holder?

1 Download the pen holder template

Welcome to visit our templates and download what you need:

Here is the template website:

Find the pen holder template and download.

Pen Holder A template:


Pen Holder B template:


2 Design your pattern with the template

Templates are just examples, and you can have your own. That’s to say, you can change even every part!

You can change the shape, color, pattern and add some additional parts as you wish!

3 Order

After finishing your design, you can order in the website:

The price of vograce is always cheaper than that you can imagine!  

If you haven’t tried, you can try ordering some for your first time. We will give you surprise! If you have experience, welcome to introduce us to your friends who need us. Thank you so much! If you have some trouble or unhappiness with us, you can send us email or find us on social media, we will try to solve the problem with you. We will appreciate it so much for giving us another chance to improve Vograce!   

Shipping Time:

We have a number of delivery options available for the safe transit of your goods. Our common delivery options are:

Expedited:DHL,TNT,UPS,FedEx,etc.(2-7days excluding weekends)

Standard(In some areas):USPS/CNE Express(10-20days)

The specific freight is determined by the weight of the goods and the destination. For details, you can check the order submission page when you enter the shopping cart. 

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