Custom PVC Rubber Keychain



Keychains are specially used to enhance the existence of your keys. Not only this you can also gather all of your keys to find them easily.  These key chains also make the appearance of bundle keys even more attractive. You can hang up your key with a beautiful keychain so that you can find them easily 

In the same case, custom PVC keychains are also used to make the appearance of your notebooks, not only for notebooks but also for decoration and advertisement purposes. Stickers and keychains are most common in kids or teenagers.

So in this article, you are going to learn about all the information related to custom stickers and custom PVC rubber keychain supply by Vograce. If you want to order your favorite customize keychains you can check the link mentioned above, but first, let's grab all the necessary information.

What Is PVC KeyChain?

Keychains are such adorable things. Keychains are also very helpful. Yes, it may seem weird but keychains are helpful because they hang up all the keys in one place. Not only this your key had a keychain it would be easy to find. There are a 

lot more plus points if you have keychains with you.

Keychains are made with lots of materials but the most common material is PVC. actually, PVC is a type of soft and nature-friendly rubber type material. Keychains made with this material are fully elastic, attractive, and have bright colors.

Reason To Use PVC KeyChains

Well, there are lots of reasons for having a keychain made by PVC material. One of the biggest reasons is you are not going to neglect it if it is lost. The reason behind this is its affordability. They are highly affordable.

There are a lot more reasons like PVC keychains being soft in appearance so that they do not provide any harm the next thing is that they are highly attractive and provide a soothing feeling whenever you hold them.

Types Of Keychains Available In Vograce

There are lots of keychains supplied by this brand. All of these are different from one another. All of them are highly demanding. You can choose any of them according to your demand and brand. Let's check out the details of different types of keychains.

  • Clear keychain
  • Acrylics keychains
  • Candy keychains
  • PVC rubber keychains
  • Lollipop charm
  • Light up acrylic keychains
  • Holographic acrylic keychains
  • Hot stamping acrylic keychains
  • Glitter acrylic keychains
  • Wood keychains
  • 3D acrylic keychains
  • Non-acrylic keychains
  • Poxy acrylic keychains

Specification Of PVC Keychain From Vograce

There are lots of plus points to ordering keychains from Vograce. They are fully customized. You can customize your own color, design, animation, or all the thing that you want to add to them. 

Specification may include different things like, size, shape, color, or any other customization that a customer wants to add to a keychain Here are the specifications or customization of having a PVC rubber keychain.  

  • You can have all the shapes including round, square, rectangular, triangle, or other custom shapes
  • Different fonts are acceptable like, modeled font, printed back, clean back, or more
  • Number of colors from 1 to 10 but gradients are not possible to use in PVC
  • CMYK printing is used for keychains
  • Used for promotion of gifts, gift decoration 
  • Opp bag packaging  is used
  • Length criteria must  is bigger than 1.5mm
  • Accessories for keychains are also available

KeyChain Accessories

Having a keychain without an attractive key ring is just unfair. So this brand provides you with over 34 different types of keychain accessories for you. These rings are specially made with zinc alloy, cord plastic, or bread chains. All of these accessories have very low prices and attractive appearance.  You can also have custom PVC keychain. The most widely used keychain shaps are:

Bunny Shape Accessories

This is one of the most common and cutest designs of keychain accessories. This creation is the most demanding keychain accessory ever because of its cute appearance. It is cute but has an edge on one side. Clip this keychain with your bag or keys to look cool

Wing Shape Accessories.

This is another one of the famous key accessories this is called “You are my angel”. It is a type of gold wing that is super attractive and it can be a great gift for your loved one. Just choose this cute keychain accessory to look gorgeous.

Bow Shaped Accessories


Here we have the little cute bow-shaped accessories that are very attractive in look and they go perfectly with all types of cute keychains. Not only this you can use them with your bags and your USB as well

Bat Shaped Accessories

Here are the 4th but most famous bat-shaped accessories that are most common in boys. It is silver in color but the color can be customized as well. This cloud is a perfect gift for your brother or child.

Frequently Asked Questions

PVC keychains are good to use?

Yes, a keychain helps you to collect all the keys together so that you can easily find them

Is there any plastic keychain rather than PVC?

Yes, there are different types of keychains rather than PVC. but these keychains are the most common

What is the difference between a key ring and a keychain?

The keychain has a small chain that connects all items to a ring but a key ring does not have any chain.

Can we use a keychain as a gift?

Why not,  a keychain is one of the best gifts ever.

Final Words

In this article, you have learned all the information about PVC keychains and custom stickers. Overall you have got all the information about custom stickers and PVC keychains. You can buy these beautiful keychains to give a surprise to your loved ones.

If you want to make your friends happy just gift these cute little keychain collections with adorable accessories. Hopefully, this article was helpful to get all the basic information related to custom PVC keychain supplies.