3 Innovative Ways To Use Shaker Keychains

3 Innovative Ways To Use Shaker Keychains

You must have had an excellent relationship with your shaker keychains because they have existed for so long in your life and supply the purpose with loyalty. Changing your car keys to attaching a wallet or bottle is no news anymore. Have you ever thought beyond conventional ways to use these custom keychains? We encourage you to do it from today.  

Everyone loves the lustrous and user-friendly shaker keychains as a present to their beloved ones because of their unique physical appearance and problem-solving qualities. We know it's not rocket science to use these adorable little things in our daily lives. But today, we will present you with some mind-boggling innovative ways you may have never imagined because adventure is worthwhile.   

Let's discover some intelligent and convenient ways to operate shaker keychains creatively without getting condemned by others.

Here Is A Quick Guide To Be Using Shaker Keychains Innovatively:

  1. Exemplary Replacement Of A Brooch

There must not be a single female on this planet who would not cherish stylish and sleek brooches. Brooches speck a stodgy prestige, yet they are one of the most multifaceted accessories in the market. Never-ending possibilities are wider spread to use this item over and over again. Have you ever tried using your favorite shaker keychain as a brooch? Let's give it a try!

Brooch has an old-fashioned accessory, but since history repeats, you can reignite the passion of classy and chic circa. People assume brooch is only for The Late Queen and Royal Families, but it is not valid. It is a symbol of elegance, goddess and caliber in many societies. You always peek into your drawer and find the broken shaker keychains you are supposed to dispose of lately. But — wait! Why not use your imaginative skills and convert the shimmery and chanting keychain into a brooch?

We will be telling you a step-by-step guide to making your shaker keychain into a developed and ultra-modern brooch: 

Try your hands on with a petite and unused shaker keychain. Sweep it into a roll and fasten it with a perfectly matching color washing tape. Use a safety pin to buckle it around the position where you want to place it. And you are done with your innovative style that stands out, and you can continually improve it over time. You will relish this tiny modeling and forge an alluring relationship with your ideas and newly transformed brooch. 


  1. Reinvent Your Boring Wall

There is always an empty wall in the house that is ignored and untouched, teasing you back against your procrastination. You should have paid more attention to renovating it further or thought to reinvigorate it. You thought of DIYing it but always ended up leaving it solitary. Why not energize the tedious wall for the New Year? You won't need a dozen high-cost and complex things to bring the passion back to your walls. Instead, a few quirky courses of action will be enough to revitalize your abandoned wall. 

You can take an old fairy light or a fish wire and tangle the shaker keychains around it. Ensure your shaker keychains are immaculate. If they are not, dip a clean piece of cloth in baby oil or glycerin to rub the dust off from keychains. Once your ingenious work of art is ready, put it all over the freshly painted wall. Plug in the wires with power to ensure the different congruent patterns and the blend of mixed colors reflect effortlessly on your wall. You can repeat the same procedure with your old lamp, planter or window since shaker keychains are budget friendly and handy. You can order a new set of your favorite customized keychains to bring life back to your boring walls. 


  1. Era Of Intricately Braided Coiffure

We permanently enchant Lady Gaga for her gorgeous hairstyle or the circa the 70s and 80s when actresses would beautify their high buns with appealing and posh head accessories. And how can we forget all the leading characters of Disney who would add oomph to their hairstyles using high-class and sleek hairpins? Take advantage of your well-kept custom keychains and glamorize your favorite hairstyle with the sheen and metallic keychains. Since all fashion returns after a generation with slight amendments. We encourage you to remodel the hairstyles and inculcate keychains to enrich the coif. 

Please your old shaker keychains with innovative and classy French twists, braids, high buns, ponytails and beehives. You can use old hair clips and brooches to convert them into fancy hair clips. If you do not intend to go for a hairstyle, you can tie around a bun to start small and slow. Remember to click your innovative hairstyle photographs and upload them on social media accounts to get attention from people around the globe. You can later convert it into a small business if you receive enough peer appreciation. 



We present three innovative and pragmatic ways to utilize our unused yet functional shaker keychains. The modern world makes us believe that we always need new stuff to load our drawers, eventually feeling a burden on the pocket. Since it is post-crowd time, we should be keeping in mind to utilize the pre-existing stuff. 

Since shaker keychains are inexpensive and they go miles, so turning them into profitable items such as a classy brooch or coiffure and using them to redecorate your favorite piece of the wall will satisfy you. Many people are turning toward suitable shopping and trying to save the planet from significant harm. Reusing the finest custom keychains reflects your care about the earth and after generation. It is a very thoughtful act not to waste them in a landfill but instead use them for better and innovative purposes. 

Making life easier with a sustainable approach and easy-going attitude will bring positivity, and custom keychains are the best ways to start a new venture today. And using these three powerful and innovative ways to utilize shaker keychains will thank you later, and people will marvel at your effort toward creativity.