5 Creative Ways To Immortalize Social Media Trends & Art In the Real World

 The structure of the social media environment is dynamic. In little over a decade, the influence of social media has expanded from being a fun diversion to permeating practically every aspect of many people's daily routines. Originally intended as a way to keep in contact with loved ones, social media has evolved into a powerful tool. 

It aided businesses in reaching out to their intended audience. This also allows artists to showcase their work in a quick-paced virtual world where popularity and recognition are just some social media shares away. Many social media trends have taken root and progressed with the expansion of this medium. 

More times than once, you may find a quote or a tweet, or an artwork on social media platforms intriguing, relatable, or hilarious. Many artists, brands, and people want to either wear this artwork or have a quote printed in physical form. We bring you 6 highly creative ways to bring a social media trend, artwork, or post to life below. 

Printed T-Shirts

Wearing a favorite quotation or piece of art is a great way to spread the word about something you're passionate about. Online printing services make it possible to have memes, phrases, and artwork printed on a wide variety of garments, including tees, sweatshirts, caps, and tote bags. 

Printing unique designs, prints, and custom art on a variety of colored t-shirts is a great way for brands and virtual artists to promote and sell their wares.

Customized Keychains

It's not easy to find anything as multipurpose as a keychain. Whether you're looking to convey your emotions to loved ones or clients on a tight budget, custom keychains are a great way to spread your message. Keychains, being compact and lightweight, are convenient accessories for everyday use. 

With many online printing sources, you can get any customized keychain with your favorite social media tweet or meme and give it to your loved ones. Vograce is a platform that specializes in making high-quality acrylic keychain at affordable prices.

It doesn't matter If you are an artist and want to sell your artwork or just want to have something you like on social media printed in a long-lasting form, you can use this service easily. 

Personalized Stickers 

Stickers are a simple and effective method to increase awareness of a trend on social media or an artist's work, and they can be used on any of the various surfaces in your life. In short, they're enjoyable, temporary, and can be shared among friends. 

Vograce also gives its clients full creative control over their sticker designs on the site. The stickers are versatile and may be used on a variety of surfaces, including a water bottle, laptop, desk, bulletin board, and more.

Printed Mugs 

We recommend starting your day with a cup of coffee from a mug that reflects your own aesthetic before settling in for a day of social media browsing. An inspirational saying, popular meme, or piece of art printed on a coffee cup may be a daily reminder of something worth reflecting on and appreciating while you enjoy each drink.

Customized Phone Cases

A recent study found that the typical person spends 4.8 hours each day staring at their phone. Whether it's for making and receiving calls, checking email, putting up alarms, or any number of other tasks, mobile phones have become indispensable.

Printing a unique phone case with a popular meme or phrase is a great way to show off your individuality. The finished product may serve as a personal statement and a thoughtful present for those close to you.


Only 20 years after its inception, social media as we know it today has altered the whole nature of human interaction. Its numerous advantages include facilitating youngsters' creative expression, providing educational possibilities, and facilitating interpersonal relationships that have made their way into numerous people’s lives. 

With social media serving as a tool to connect people, at times you may find yourself looking at, saving, or screenshotting trends, quotes, or artwork on these platforms. More often than not you may want to keep this piece with you in physical form. There are many ways to do that including getting customized keychains and printed t-shirts. We hope this article is helpful in finding new ways to immortalize your favorite social media trends and artwork in the real world.