Autocollants laser personnalisés

Prix régulier$1.10
Frais d'expédition calculés lors du passage à la caisse.

Quantité (l'unité d'achat est de 10 pièces)
Les autocollants sont calculés par 10 pièces, donc le prix est la quantité × 10 pièces (par exemple : si vous devez acheter 100 autocollants, remplissez 10 dans la colonne quantité).
Nom du produit autocollant laser
Minimum de commande
50 pièces, peuvent être des designs différents
Matériau laser
taille, design
Caractéristique étanche + protection de l'environnement

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Hansel M.
As Beautiful as it is colorful

Very satisfied with the product, they are very glowy and bright. The design is opaque by default so it doesn't get lost.

You can also choose which parts of the designs you want holographic but you need to provide an edited version which I didn't knew how to do. However the product itself is quality and of a great price.

exactly how i was hoping they would turn out! love them!!

the stickers turned out beautifully, im really happy with them!! i was surprised that i found no flaws in any of them! the ordering process went well too. the initial proof was a little different than i imagined, and the customer service person was very helpful when i asked for modifications. the next proof was perfect! already planning to order more lol!

unlucky n.
the colors turned out perfectly!

getting my first holographic stickers was a little nerve wracking but I'm very pleased with the results; very shiny with no scratches 10/10

Areth D.
Bewitchingly Shiny

Vograce always does so nice on the print, the colours are lovely and the holograohic effect has come out so well! It was a little confusing to get the transparency sorted so that the holographic effect would show through the design on the sticker. Finally managed to get there in the end and Sylvia from Vograce was so helpful in answering my questions. Will definitely order these again.

Raluca F.
Absolutely amazing as usual

Thank you Vograce for always making the cutest stuff! The holographic effect on my stickers is beautiful.

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