✨ REVISIÓN ✨ de nuestros artistas de moda

The first hot artist :Vanila Ryder

Here kindly welcome to our artist : Vanila Ryder
Yes just as you can see above the screeshoot ,it's the ✨ REVIEW ✨ of our hot artist : Vanila Ryder

She said:
Aquí la colaboración con Vograce Charms 😍 tuve la oportunidad de maquilar llaveros y pines de acrílico con mis Ilustraciones y estoy encantada 🥰
Ahí les va la ✨REVIEW✨
Fue mi primera vez ordenando al extranjero 👀 pero la interfaz de la página y la persona que te da seguimiento son muy amigables 🙂 el acabado quedó super bonito y me gustó que los productos que no tienen protección de epoxy, les coloquen una ligera capa de plástico para evitar rayaduras ✨
Las estaré vendiendo en las próximas convenciones, si te interesa uno por envío mándame mensajito ;

Here the collaboration with Vograce Charms 😍 I had the opportunity to make up acrylic keychains and pins with my Illustrations and I'm delighted 🥰

There goes the ✨ REVIEW ✨

It was my first time ordering from abroad 👀 but the interface of the page and the person who follows you are very friendly 🙂 the finish was super nice and I liked that the products that do not have epoxy protection, they put a light plastic layer to avoid scratches ✨

I'll be selling them in the next conventions, if you're interested in one by shipping send me a message ;


The second hot artist :ari🍞 @ghostiekid

He said:
I had the chance to try out some pins and charms from @VograceCharms and I freakin love them! I can’t wait to share these with y’all in March!! 🔗 to check out Vograce and how to make your own below! 🥰 pic.twitter.com/SOPye0rF0bpic.twitter.com/SOPye0rF0b
Replying to @ghostiekid and@VograceCharms
Really thanks for these 2 artists review of Vograce, also welcome artists to fill in with your great art ideas, we will display your information, ideas on our fronpage blog, meanwhile share with people on social media and website. I look forward to your recommendation of yourself !
🙋‍♀️🙋Welcome to send us your passage to
email:vogracecharm@gmail.com , maybe you can see your art at vograce.com next week!