November New Arrivals / Custom Lanyard Keychain

The custom Lanyard Keychain allows you to easily access essential items such as badges, keys, and entry cards while moving. Personalized keychain straps are the best options to identify staff at the event. It is also essential for companies with frequent visitors.

If you give a personalized keychain strap to your client and students, your logo will get enough exposure!


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How much does a custom strap keychain cost?

You can order a custom run key chain for less than 1 dollar! For more information, see the product details page.

What are the minimum number of custom keychain straps that I have to buy?

Most of our custom keychain straps are at least 25 people.

How long does it take to make a key chain strap?

Most custom key chain lanids are standard production time, but many styles provide rush production! Limit is applied during the peak season. Large -scale orders may require extra days for production. For more information, check with friendly customer service staff.

How do you order a custom key chain strap?

First, fill in the price and delivery estimation, and select the product and the color of the product. Next, before selecting the artwork option, select from the attached file and the badge holder. After receiving the digital mock -up approval, process the payment.

How long is the custom strap keychain for the key?

Our standard keychain strap length is about 34 1/2 inches.

The key chain strap is completely customizable. There are various strap attachment clips, release attachments, and badge holders according to your needs.

The custom key chain strap provides a safety release to prevent injuries of pulled straps.

Strap keychain

Millennials and companies that want to connect with young viewers will definitely benefit from adding a key chain attached file to a custom printed strap. You can select a bulldog clip, lobster claw, or key ring for strap keychain. This product is also a popular seller in universities and universities. You can agree that the key is probably one of the most used items in your pocket next to your mobile phone.

Strap for artists and creatives

Almost 30 % of customers purchase our products, brand them in ART, and resell them in Etsy. There is a very diverse and colorful palette. Select the strap that was sublimated for creative luxury! Choose a foil imprint (like flashing) on ​​a nylon or polyester strap. In most cases, the strap creates the best retail items for online, bricks and mortar stores, as the minimum order volume is less than $ 3.

How to print a custom strap

There are two main ways to print a logo or message on the strap. Silk screening or dye sublimation.

Silk screen strap

Another imprint is required for each imprint color. Therefore, if you need to apply a two -color logo, there are two screens and films, and the order is applied to the order. The screen is created by the imaging of the photo, and the pattern is imaged on a special screen. The ink is pushed into the screen with the logo pattern. In the strap, the logo is screened evenly at intervals. Our art proof indicates how the strap looks like before ordering. The red and blue Lanayrds are silk screen. The minimum order quantity of 50 % of this product is low.

Dye sublimation strap

You can really be creative with a full -colored strap. A pure white another fabric type is used. The color is injected into the fabric using technologies similar to the technology of the inkjet printer. You can engrave photos, gradations, and all imagined designs. The same technology is used to print medal ribbons. This process is more suitable for ordering more than 500 %. However, it does only 100 %.

Bulk order custom strap and keychain

Lanyard Keychain is a promotional item that is easy on budgets used in multiple industries. They can be used almost anything, but they are considered ideal for sports games, corporate functions, educational events, and especially exhibitions. 


These small promotional business items are functional and very prominent in daily life, which have a significant impact. These personalized straps custom printed with the logo and messages you want have enough space for company logo and business design. In addition, since they are one of the most affordable promotion items in our stores, they can increase their brand awareness without blowing a lot of money. 


But you don’t have to distribute them. If you order some ID or card owner, you need to consider our strap. Many people have a safe breakout or break -out neck clip option, so the strap creates a wonderful badge holder.

Personalized keychain and lanyard used as a company SWAG

Custom -printed straps or key chains are perfect for distributing them to new employees to promote the pride of the company. They are not only really working, but also put your brand out and put it on the top of everyone’s heart. It can be used as a charity event, festival, trading show, and business conference, so it is often used in retail stores. 

As a promotion item, they check the two major boxes. First of all, they wear comfortably and customize according to their style and business style. Second, they can be used to put keys for guests or employees, or display name cards and ID tags. Almost all kinds of trading shows use straps to hold the badges of the event. Normally, mass production is inexpensive, so if you have no one provided, or if you provide better quality straps and design by branding, it will be a very successful gift.