New Arrivals: Custom Balancing Tumbler Pen Acrylic Holder

No one likes the clutter and how you feel if, in between the writing, you lose your pen among the papers. This happens a lot of time and make much irritating. But every problem has a solution, and a pen holder is one that everyone needs in such a situation.

Now the availability of customizing the pen holder by Vograce makes it possible for all people to get one that matches with their other room stuff or might be their cartoonize picture. 100% customer satisfaction is their ultimate goal.

So, keeping in mind your needs, I will discuss the new arrival Of the Vograce tumbler pen acrylic holder  and how to customize it according to your preferences.

Why You Need A Pen Holder

There are many reasons for having a pen holder. Whether you are an office or home person, a teacher or student, a designer or artist, a freelancer or homemaker, everyone uses a pencil or pen several times a day.

So, having a pen holder keeps your favorite pen in place and lowers the chances of losing it. It keeps your thing in place and shows your organized and clean nature.

New Arrival Of Tumbler Pen Acrylic Holder

Vograce has several products, and they launch new ones from time to time. They already have a custom acrylic pen holder, but now they have come up with a new Tumbler Pen Acrylic Holder  design. It has a stable structure and spacious pen area with two designs; one is curved, and the other is a straight line design. The dimension of the tumbler pen acrylic holder and organizer is 120 x 80 x 45 mm. You are free to choose the pattern that best suits your needs.  

Can I Customize My Own Tumbler Pen Acrylic Holder

Vograce allows you to customize you tumbler pen acrylic holder and organizer. Without any limit on design types, color, and quantities, you can easily customize a single to 100 designs; no one can stop you. It also offers to choose your preferred size of the pen holder.

Benefits Of Customizing My Own Tumbler Pen Acrylic Holder

  • Customize your tumbler pen acrylic holder following your room color or design. This customization reflects your personality traits and gives your room a personal touch.
  • If you have a group of friends, you can customize pen holders with your group icon and give them to all your friends. Buddies love these kinds of gestures.
  • Moreover, putting a customized pen holder with a brand name or quotation in the office also describes your brand's identity or motivates you. If an employer customizes tumbler pen acrylic holders for all his employees and presents them as gifts, nothing is sweeter than this.
  • You can also gift these customized pen holders to your friends and loved ones. You can also gift them on birthdays, result days, marriages, baby showers, and other occasions.
  • Customizing a tumbler pen acrylic holder for your teacher, mother, father, sister, brother, husband, and wife is another way to show your love and respect for them.
  • Labor day is near; customize the tumbler pen acrylic holder from Vograce and appreciate laborers' efforts and hard work.
  • What is more special than presenting a tumbler pen acrylic holder to a writer with his or her own quote customized on it?
  • If you have some good design ideas in your mind, then you can customize these pen holder and promote your design on social media and sell it online and earn great business.

Reasons For Choosing VOGRACE As A Customization Company

  • The "personalized customization" of products is the primary focus of Vograce. They design, develop, and sell different products and customize them for each individual.
  • It doesn’t matter where you are from; their services are equal for all people without discrimination.
  • They ship your customized products, offer 100% client satisfaction, and help buyers through the customer help center.
  • Vograce never compromises on the quality; their products are neatly developed and durable for a lifetime.
  • You can customize it in different quantities, from one product to thousands. So, you can customize it for personal use, a group, or a small business.
  • Less price, with beautiful customization, high quality, and discount offers, grabs people's attention and wins their hearts when they buy their first product.

How To Customize Your Own Tumbler Pen Acrylic Holder

Here is the simple guide that helps you customize your tumbler pen acrylic holder from Vograce.

  • In order to customize a pen holder, first to download the pen holder template from Vograce. Templates are just an example to understand. You can also use your own, as Vograce loves to customize every part of the tumbler pen acrylic holder.
  • You may alter its color, shape, and size to make it conform to your preferences to personalize it.
  • After making changes and finishing the design, name your design and add quantity and design in a zip file. If you have different designs, add all the design and quantity information in the same folder and import it into a zip folder.
  • Submit the zip folder and press add to cart button.


So, if you are fed up with losing your favorite pens and don’t want it happens again, then Vograce is here with their beautiful, budget-friendly, and durable tumbler pen acrylic holder. Customize them with your own design and gives your study table a more lively look.