Stick The Beauty With Custom Clear PET Transparent Washi Tape


It's never a dull day with Vograce's creative custom clear PET Transparent Washi Tape. Our Transparent Washi Tape colors and leaves your space with fascinating Pet prints. It’s a matter of choice and variety as our designing experts develop the tapes based on your preference.

Standout with our unique, sophisticated, custom clear PET Transparent Washi Tape. They are available in exclusive, outstanding decorative designs, colors, sizes and shapes. Expand your imagination through amazing paper crafts, art work, and sealing with Vograce PET Transparent Washi Tape.  

Incredible Custom Clear PET Transparent Washi Tape facts and features

You can never go wrong with our creative, super strong and durable PET Transparent Washi Tapes. It's always about beauty, quality and delivering your desired requests.

Clear PET Transparent Washi Tape Size and shape

At Vograce, we always advocate for lightweight and portability, which we achieve by giving the right size, shape and weight. Our Washi Tapes, come in reasonable custom sizes. Our clients have the privilege to define their preferred size by contacting customer service. We offer numerous sizes from:


  • 2cm
  • 5 cm
  • 3 cm
  • 4cm
  • 5cm
  • 7cm


  • 5m
  • 10 m

Based on size, one can opt for 10m long and 46mm wide or 5m long and 41mm wide. The paper core that supports the tape is constant, with a 26/32mm size.

Loop size

We go beyond normal standards to offer a length robust and sticky loop. The length surpasses other standard lengths as we provide a 370mmLnfinite loop.  

Customization circle options

As we value your option, creativity and desires, Vograce design team provides two types of circle stickers as follows:

  • Customize the circle stickers
  • A customized circle without stickers.

Quantity and Price

The quantity and price work in hand and Vograce ensures it’s worth the buying. Our customers can order small to large quantities at pocket-friendly prices. The number can have special orders or different print designs and sizes according to your liking. However, to receive the order, ensure to add the request to the shopping cart.

The prices vary based on the number of products and type of design. Vograce uses a genuine third-party facility to calculate the prices according to the different designs. The price differs for every client since the orders are unique. The best part being all prices are discounted regardless of the quantity. 


Vograce is always determined to deliver and satisfy our client’s needs. Despite the number of Custom Clear PET Transparent Washi Tape Vograce allows an MOQ of 10 pieces per design which is quite low and affordable.

Printing design

The Clear PET Transparent Washi Tapes are designed with unique printing, which comes with multiple Pet/anime images. The tapes are produced in single-sided printing but with different print patterns.

Vograce experts help you in matching and arranging the design patterns for perfect outcomes. Our PET Transparent Washi Tape contains an anti-sticking layer to protect against sticking glue.

Printing details

For perfection Vograce is kind to direct our esteem customers and prospects on the image printing requirements. With the variety of image formatting, there are few that provide the best outcome. Vograce seeks exclusive uploads to ensure they deliver high-quality products. Our customers can upload their design prints in the following formats:

  • PS
  • AI
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • PDF
  • DOC

The pictures should be sent in:

  • 300+ resolution
  • CMYK color print
  • Image file

The actual version appears as shown in the photo:

While the final drawing appears as shown:

Product details

Vograce products are designed with the customer's interest at heart, and clear PET Transparent Washi Tapes are not exceptional. Our design experts ensure to meet all the requested details and provide an extra special touch to the Washi Tapes. One can experience the following features:

  • Extreme robust tape.
  • Perfect stickiness
  • Multiple color choice
  • Variety of sizes and designs.
  • High quality and fit for different uses.
  • Affordable prices
  • Easily customization on shape and size.

Service and support

At Vograce, we are obligated to fulfil all our customers' demands and queries. Its our pleasure to work with all clients and delivering our promises on time. The support contacts are always running to ensure the needs are met.

Shipping services

The shipping policies are client-friendly and align with the product production timeframe.

  • Our customers need to confirm their proof. Note the confirmation process is not counted in the production time or shipping time.
  • Clients with huge orders the shipping timeline is determined by the product with more complex or longest production time.
  • Vograce designing team will send the confirmation of proof to users with 5 plus order (pieces) on any product. The proof is released within 2-5 working days.
  • Once the client confirms out teams get to work and produce with the designated timeframe.
  • For any special orders, one can write or send a note with the order.