Leave an Impressive Print with Custom Washi Tape Printing




The quest for exclusivity can only be attained with Vograce's custom-made product. We make you stand out from the crowd by provide unique, high-end and durable customer-desired customized products. In our bucket of goodies comes the custom Washi Tape Printing. The breathtaking Washi Tape is a love for many as it leaves impressive prints on your preferred surface or artwork.

The key factor that spices the custom Washi Tapes Printing is they come in multiple colors, prints design and sizes. Vograce gives you the liberty to create your desired print design, thus building a strong bond with the product. It's always a nice feeling seeing your creativity come to life, and the Vograce team is more than ready to provide the best.

Custom Washi Tape Printing exclusive material

There is always room for selection; our clients are not limited to single type print, as they can choose from the options below:

  • Washi Tape
  • Transparent Washi Tape
  • Stamp Washi Tape.

Each material is pretty unique and comes in handy to provide incredible artwork. Besides the design, Vograce Custom Washi Tapes work well as gifts, promotional products, and advertising products. Simply add color to your art and experience the impressive vibrant colors.

Custom Washi Tape Printing Size

You can choose from the vast selection; our divine tapes come in multiple sizes and shapes:

  • 1 cm *5m
  • 1cm*10m
  • 5cm*10m
  • 2cm*5m
  • 2cm*10m
  • 5cm*5m
  • 5cm*10m
  • 3cm*5m
  • 3cm*10m
  • 4cm*5m
  • 4cm*10m
  • 5cm*5m
  • 5cm*10m
  • 7cm*5m
  • 7cm*10m

The sizes align with the shapes, giving our customers the opportunity to select the best Washi Tape printing. The length and width are defined with different measurements, with the smaller size going for 46mm by 10m and 41mm by 5m. Our custom paper core comes with a 26.31mm, as shown in the diagram below:

Loop Length

Vograce tape loops are robust and durable with great sticking strength. The loops are extra special, lengthy, and have amazing decorations. Our custom Washi Tape Printing has the following measurements:

  • 370mm Lnfinite while other stands loops go for 350mm Lnfinite.

Customers can also request long or short sizes according to their requirements. Our experts will gladly design and provide the exact sizes.

Customized circle stickers

We believe in decent presentation thus giving our esteemed customer the best Washi Tape decors. You have the privilege to select your best circle sticker as described below:

  • Custom Washi Tapes without circle stickers
  • The customized circle stickers.

Complete custom round label details

The Vograce custom Washi Tapes printings are assembled with incredible knowledge from a team of professionals. Washi tapes come in different varieties from PET washi tape and Washi Tape. Each unique tape has a designated label size as indicated below:

  • PET Washi Tape
  • A round label design with 42.2mm for 5cm
  • Round label design of 50.2mm for 10cm of the Washi Tape.
  • Washi Tape
  • The round label design on Washi Tape has a length of 39.3mm for 5cm
  • A round label design 44mm for 10cm Washi Tape.

Image Printing and upload

At Vograce, we only work with the client's ideas and imagination. We bring the creative to life and give it our utmost best. To support the vision, our customer needs to provide their creative designs in different recommended formats, such as:

  • PS
  • AI
  • CDR (CMYK)
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • PDF
  • DOC

The images should be uploaded in the described format for perfect presentation. Our custom Washi Tapes are pretty, presentable and durable. They come in a single-side printing technique but with a variety of PET/anime designs. 

Image requirements

  • An image file
  • 300+ resolution
  • A CMYK color print
  • For CDR and AI vector illustrations, one needs to include a 1mm bleed.

Fascinating features of Custom Washi Tape

Vograce is quite keen with quality presentation. All the custom-made products add incredible value as they come with the following features:

  • Super strong Washi Tape
  • Low MOQ per design
  • An eco-friendly Washi Tape
  • Non-fading colors
  • Incredible adhesion
  • Durable
  • Super anti-stickiness.
  • Easy customization
  • Colorful
  • No unwanted sticky residues
  • Easily pulled out without dragging the item it was attached to.

 Customized feature

Our Washi Tapes come with a great feature combination where one experiences strong but easy to use. Children can ease their artwork and easily the strong and easy-to-tear Washi tapes.

The Washi Tape is flexible and strong, making it challenging to pull apart.

Quantity and price

At Vograce, it is all about discounts and affordable prices. The number of pieces and design determine the prices, which come with an impressive discount.

Shipping and support service

The shipping services are pretty affordable and available to all our clients. One can review the services from the set support contact details to learn more. For timely shipping, our team collaborate with the respective customer in the following ways:

  • Vograce teams send the confirmation proofs to client. The proof period is not considered in production and in the shipping timeframe.
  • Our esteemed customer should check and approve the proofs, giving the experts permission to start production.
  • The shipping period will be defined by the products that take longer to produce.