Hands-on Work with Vograce Custom Thicken QuickSand Liquid Keychains

What is more fascinating than a sparkly, exclusive, beautiful Custom Thicken QuickSand Liquid Keychain for your gift? At Vograce, we make those special moments last and leave a remarkable impression as we allow our customers to have a thrilling hands-on work experience. You can put your imagination to work through our simple guides and create your best Custom Thicken Quicksand Liquid Keychains.

Custom keychains are incredibly presentable for multiple occasions, from birthday gifts to anniversaries, friendship, and more. It’s the best accessory to blend in with everyday outfits as it’s pretty compatible with all occasions.


Besides the decorative colors, shape, and size, the Custom Thicken Quicksand Liquid Keychains come in beautiful creative printings. You can order different print designs on the back and front sides.

  • A double-sided same design
  • Double-sided different design

The two printings are exclusive and defined based on user request. For any printing, Vograce allows customers to choose their preferred decorations and anime. It's a great way to get a personalized keychain.

Size and shape

You can never run out of choices with Vograce custom thicken quicksand liquid keychains. The products are designed with amazing shapes and sizes to fit clients' preferences.


  • 2 ‘’ (50.8 mm)
  • 5 ‘’ (63.5mm)
  • 3 ‘ ‘ (76.2mm)
  • 5 ‘ ‘ (88.9mm)
  • 4 ‘’ (101.6mm)

Shapes (diagram)

You can check out your favorite shape to align with the size choice and color. The keychains come with the following shapes, as shown on the diagram.


Thicken QuickSand Liquid Key chains can be ordered in multiple quantities according to the user's choice and budget. You have the privilege to get the various pieces as follows:

  • No acrylic pieces
  • 1 piece
  • 2 pieces
  • 3 pieces
  • 4 pieces.


The decorative QuickSand is defined with numerous colors from:

  • Pink
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Grey/silver 

Sequin shape and color

Vograce creates quality from the finest and rarest but most unique products. To give a complete touch, the sequins section has two types of Quicksand:

  • Mixable
  • Non-mixable

Mixable sequins

The mixable sequins are smooth (fine) and can easily be mixed to form different colors glitters. They are easy to fit in the Quicksand liquid keychains.

  • Silver laser Quicksand
  • White color quicksand
  • Laser silver
  • Laser gold
  • Laser red
  • Laser grass green
  • Laser light pink
  • Laser purple
  • Laser royal blue.

Non-mixable sequins

These are large (reasonably large but fitting) specks designed in different shapes and colors but cannot be mixed.

  • Purples butterflies
  • Blackhearts
  • Golden stars
  • Pink hearts
  • Holo white
  • Holo Blue
  • Holo purple
  • Holo pink
  • Holo red
  • Holo green

You can request for any of the colors and shapes from the mixable and non-mixable sequins.


Vograce is very particular about product quality and presentation. The accessories are super pretty with durable, non-fading materials. The custom thicken quicksand liquid keychains come in various qualities such as:

  • High hardness
  • Laser cutting
  • HD Printing
  • Smooth surface

Simple guide on how to create your Custom Thicken Quicksand Liquid Keychains

Vograce is never stingy with information, as they allow their clients to draw their preferred products and send them via email. This helps in providing the exact accessories and keeps our clients happy. To have your custom thicken quicksand liquid keychains, you need the following:

  • First, you need to have:
  • Quicksand keychain
  • Dropper
  • Quicksand oil or baby oil
  • Soft plug



  • Next, get the oil using the dropper by squeezing the air out to allow the oil to fill in the injection section.



  • Carefully tilt the keychain and enter the dropper’s nozzle to squeeze the oil inside.


  • Now, put the soft plug on the keychain. Ensure to push it until it no longer moves.


  • Once it fits, cut the edges with scissors.


  • However, the user can also use a bottle with a nozzle to squeeze the oil inside the keychain.


Note that the Vograce doesn't offer quicksand oil. Clients need to provide it; one can choose baby oil for the same activity. It's advisable to choose either Quicksand or sequins for small acrylics. If mixed, the mixture might get stuck and not easily shake.

Keychains appearance

The custom thicken quicksand liquid keychains come in several layers. Vograce uses protective acrylics for their products to avoid fading and damage.


To finalize, Vograce is kind enough to offer the best protective and degradable packaging. We provide friendly, chic custom packaging products to seal your keychains for better delivery.

It's also possible to send in your packaging product, though at a fee. The shipping process is easy as you can email your address and other details. The delivery dates vary based on the product confirmation and quantity ordered.