Enhancing Writing Confidence with Modern Custom Ballpoint Pens Customized Acrylic Ball Pen


Based on modernity and evolution simple items are gaining an extra touch of value. It's the transition from standard ballpoint pens to the new Custom Ballpoint Pens Customized Acrylic Ball Pen. They are a great definition of sophisticated elegant and charming.  Actually, custom ballpoint pens are adding a whole new value to the famous phrase write your future down.

Custom Ballpoint Pens Customized Acrylic Ball Pen doesn't just present different colors, shapes, and sizes buy incredible acrylic anime/pets.  The Custom Acrylic pens are remarkably presentable for both official and casual activities. To avail comprehensive details about the amazing custom acrylic ballpoint pens you need to check out all the amazing facts and features as directed below:

Color selection

Besides the ink color, Custom Ballpoint pens customized acrylic ball pen are designed in beautiful shades. They are gender balanced with incredible pet/anime installations. Based on the user's color preference one can choose from the given list.

  • White
  • Orange
  • Black
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink

The colors neatly blend in with the anime and ink presentation.  Custom ballpoint pen colors are multipurpose as they fit every occasion and environment.

Personalization and customization

For a fulfilling experience, custom ballpoint pens allow users to add a personal touch to different parts. You can design your best features like:

  • Pet/anime,
  • Color
  • Include a name.
  • Customizable acrylic side
  • Size and height (not past 50*35mm)
  • Design

It’s easy to modify the ballpoint pens to align with your interests and purpose.

Size and height

All custom ballpoint pens have a standard height that doesn’t exceed 50*35 mm. However, one can customize the design to fit the required height and size.

Custom Ballpoint pen detailed structure

The acrylic ballpoint pens are designed with impressive structure. There is a combination of different parts that create the final ballpoint point. Each part is unique with correct measurements.

  • The acrylic feature has a proportional thickness of 1.5mm
  • Epoxy clear 1mm
  • A pet that is sandwiched between the acrylic and epoxy clear.
  • Accessories designed for attaching the ballpoint pen to the acrylic.

Design tips for the best custom ballpoint pen outcome

Customized products are easy to design, modify, or create. If you wish to make your own custom ballpoint pen you can develop a simple design through a design tool or design company. For optimum results, one needs to review the following tips and instructions.

Section 1

The edges should be balanced to give a distance of 1-1.2 cm. This should be different from the accessory width as defined in the image above.

Remember to check on the bleed line to ensure you have space in case of any mistake.

Section 2

The cutting line and bleeding lines should be accurate with the safe measurements of:

  • 175mm
  • 4mm
  • 50mm

Simple printing procedure

You can make simple printing designs on your custom ballpoint pens. For businesses seeking to add some text to the ballpoint pen, they can use the simple steps below:

  • Get a designing tool and develop a preferred digital format.
  • Get a sticker of choice for your pen. For example, if you wish to enter the company's logo select the sticker that suits your brand.
  • Next, set your printer to the correct format and set the sticker on the printer.
  • Ensure all details are okay, especially the formatting.
  • Print the sticker and cut it to the desired measurements. Use the cutting and bleeding lines to avoid tampering with the print/text/image.  
  • It's possible to use a cutting machine for a fast and accurate process.
  • Next, remove the sticker back cover/backing and gently stick it to your custom acrylic ball pen.

Important details in designing tips

  • The color resolution should CMYK
  • File type: JPG, PNG, JPEG, and PSD
  • Ensure to leave a bleed line of 1.5mm for easy cutting.
  • One can avail their preferred height which doesn’t exceed 50*35mm
  • For a semi-transparent effect, one needs to separate the acrylic layers.

Packaging and color correspondence

Based on the designing company most customized ballpoint pens have a packaging structure. With custom ballpoint, you can enjoy packaging that aligns with the color of the pen. The inside pack is supported with a backing card to hold the pen in place.  Choose your best packaging and color as shown below:


General details

The customized acrylic ballpoint ball pens have great characteristics that give value to each pen.

  • Customizable slides.
  • Beautiful anime/pets
  • A diamond cutting
  • Incredibly smooth writing
  • HD printing
  • Exchangeable acrylic slides
  • The ink is fast drying with an output of 0.5mm ST.
  • The ballpoint pen tip is smooth and easy to maneuver on the page.
  • The casing is strong enough to withstand different pressures.

Custom Ballpoint Pens Customized Acrylic Ball Pen Uses

The art and expertise instilled in the custom ballpoint pens are pretty high and blend in with multiple uses. It’s a corporate and casual fit making it a great ballpoint pen choice for many.  

  • Gifting

Create memories and smiles with simple valuable and amazing custom ballpoint pens. The remarkable fact is that it will be a lasting gift for your loved ones or clients. The customized acrylic ball pens are exchangeable meaning they are renewable.  It’s a long term gift that will rejuvenate beautiful memories to the recipient.

  • Office use

Though official items are marked with a sense of official presentation. Custom ballpoint pens break the monotony and give a stunning lovable appeal. The vibrant colors emphasize on fascination and stylish design.  Companies can create a nice working mood and environment by gifting employees the fantastic customized acrylic ball pens.  Employee can have the privilege to pick their favorite anime and pen color.

  • Branding/promotion

Thriving in the business world requires more than verbal effort. It's all about memories and constant reminders to achieve a potential client. Most brands are using physical gifts or mascots to win clients.  Businesses can also invest in custom ballpoint pens to sensitize clients about their products. It’s possible to design and include your business details on the pen for future memories.