Attract with Style using Custom Spring Shaker Acrylic Standees

At Vograce, we help you break the monotony by adding color to your life. We are keen to blend chic, glowing custom accessories with your everyday lifestyle.

Our Custom Spring Shaker Acrylic Standees are a must have product for incredible business, office or home. Who wouldn’t love to impress clients with fascinating Spring Shaker Acrylic Standees? The spring shaker acrylic standees comes with multiple functionalities, thus fitting in different environments.

Simple detailing

  • Material

The Custom Spring Shaker Acrylic Standees are designed with fancy transparent acrylic. Its super environmental friendly and durable.

For stability, the standees are well-balanced to hold the surface regardless of the pressure on the spring. Besides the springing effect, spring shaker acrylic standees spring is strong and elastic, bending far enough without damage. You shouldn't worry about overstretching, as the spring can rotate in different directions with ease.

  • MOQ

Vograce always stands in to feel clients' concerns. They are very considerate as they allow for a low MOQ of three pieces. This doesn't affect the set shipping charges, which is profitable to the buyer. You have the privilege to purchase multiple products at friendly prices.

  • Customization

Customizing is key to creating your preferred custom Spring Shaker Acrylic Standee. Our customers can sketch their favorite anime, product type, size, shape and printing. This gives a personalized effect and attachment to the Spring Shaker Acrylic Standee.

At Vograce, we allow customization on the:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Printing design
  • Usage

Our Custom Spring Shaker Acrylic Standees are designed with a load of love to fit in multiple areas. They are best presented as gifts, promotional standees, business, decorative products and more. The beautiful anime gives an incredible touch of beauty and class.     

  • Shipping and delivery time

Shipping process entails different aspects, from confirmation to production to product number. But Vograce keeps its word and delivers on time. The process involves the following steps.

  • Once you send in your customized sketch, our team analyzes and if okay, we wait for your confirmation proof.
  • The proof can be sent via email. Here, you can send the number of pieces you wish to purchase.
  • The Vograce team will send a confirmation, which will be disbursed within 2 to 5 working days through the registered email.
  • After confirmation, the team will produce the products.
  • The proof is sent out to clients with five pieces and above. However, users with less can request for the proof by writing an email.

Confirmation time is not considered in production time. The shipping and delivery duration is calculated based on the products with longer or complex production process.

  • Design Printing

The Custom Spring Shaker Acrylic Standees have two design preferences. You can settle for the following designs:

  • Double-sided same design
  • Double-sided different design.

For the different designs ensure to indicate on the email during order placement.

Size and File requirements

Our esteemed customers are open to choose from different sizes and shapes. The Spring Shaker Acrylic Standees come in various sizes, such as:

  • 2” (50.8mm)
  • 5”(63.5mm)
  • 3”(76.2mm)

For best client satisfaction, we allow for size selection. However, you need to enter the size of the standee or product on the shopping cart while booking. Each size will produce the actual price.


Due to high demand and page visits, the loading speed might be lower, give it time to get the correct prices.

Length and width

Vograce Custom Spring Shaker Acrylic Standees products with the same length and width are designed in a circular shape. For different shapes, provide a note under the "order note" on the shopping page.

Custom Spring Shaker Acrylic Standee characteristics

  • The Spring Shaker Acrylic Standee are strong and can withstand pressure.
  • The spring doesn’t rust or fade the shiny coating.
  • Spring Shaker Acrylic Standees are water and temperature-resistant
  • Vograces allows for customized design.
  • For a shiny look, a Diamond cutting is incorporated.

Prices and Discounts

With great concern, Vograce offers you the best simple and discounted prices. The price is determined by the product orders. To avail the best discounts, you can choose a large quantity from 6+ Spring Shakers Acrylic Standees.

The shipping prices are also calculated at checkout at a discounted amount. This a great opportunity to make bulk orders at cheaper prices.

Standees details

Our high-end Spring Shakers Acrylic Standees have amazing details such as:

  • UV Printing
  • Ultra-high Hardness
  • Strong adhesion
  • High elasticity.

Custom Spring Shakers Acrylic Standees chart structure

To arrive at the beautiful Spring Shaker Acrylic Standee final product. Our team goes to great lengths to assemble your customized Spring Shaker Acrylic Standee.

From your imaginative sketch we design and attach the products as shown.Our Acrylic product is transparent, clean and shiny to reveal the best images. The artwork is precise and well-shaped with fine edges.

Custom Packaging

We value presentation to maintain our client’s dignity. We provide the best easy and protective custom packaging. The packages are transparent, well-sealed, and eco-friendly.