A Perfect Fit with Vograce Custom Adjustable Lanyards


At Vograce, we help you perfectly adjust your career with the best office/work accessories. We uphold our clients’ dignity through special Custom Adjustable Lanyards that don’t limit your ability to perform. Our Adjustable Lanyards are flexible and colorful and contain different clip versions.

The Custom Adjustable Lanyards are incredible solutions for all job environments. Vograce team creates adjustable features that are fast to move in case of emergencies. Whether a hospital setup, normal office or heavy duty work areas. Our Lanyards serve each user according to the current requirement. The Adjustable Lanyards are resized to different lengths, thus fulfilling their purpose.

Vograce Custom Adjustable Lanyards comprehensive Details

Vograce Custom Adjustable Lanyards give a feel of professionalism with a fascinating appearance. The hooking clips are incredible and presentable to suit every career. It's never about the highest ranking jobs but the elegant presentation our Lanyards offer.

Hook Design

We mind the appearance, and the hook is pretty much the center of attention. Vograce design team gives eases the hassle of buckling the Lanyard. Our customers can experience the best Hook and Knotting techniques, namely:

  • Double rectangle swivel snap hook + sewing + adjustable accessories
  • Phone quick release buckle + phone tether tab + rubber bottle holder


With the modish hook design comes extra special Lanyard attachments such as:

  • Phone quick release buckle
  • No additional attachment
  • Phone tether tab
  • Rubber bottle holder.

At Vograce, it's all about versatility. Our Custom Adjustable Lanyards can offer multiple services, from phone holders and ID to bottle holder accessories.


It's a dignifying product that is presentable in different ways, such as:

  • Gifts
  • Souvenir
  • Promotional and advertisement products.

Enjoy the appealing display of the Custom Adjustable Lanyards as they offer your full details in a single clip. The best part of Vograce Adjustable Lanyards is that our clients have a hand in creating the lanyards. We work with your ideas and creativity to bring the products to life.

Prices, Quantity, MOQ, and Discount

Speaking of quality and exclusivity, Vograce Custom Adjustable Lanyards rank the best. Be sure of elegance and beauty with adjustable Lanyards. Vograce foregoes all the high-quality feature to offer the custom adjustable Lanyards at a pocket-friendly prices.

The Company doesn't settle for low prices but gives incredible discounts based on the quantity. This is remarkably amazing as Vograce caters to satisfy their customers with impressive products.

With the low prices and discounts comes the lowest MOQ offer. Our customers get the privilege of ordering 10 pieces of products or designs. This is pretty fair and affordable for both bulky and small-order customers.

Prices and Discount details

We are always ready for huge orders of 2000+ plus, and we deliver as agreed. It's about perfection, quality, and dedication. All quantities come with the best percentage discount offers.

Best Features

Why choose Vograce custom adjustable lanyards? The lingering question is answered by the amazing features presented by the Custom Adjustable Lanyards as follows:

  • Incredible color and design prints.
  • Reasonable length and easy to adjust
  • A wide lanyard which helps reduce the weight.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Multiple hook variety.

Extra Features

  • A HD printing
  • Easily retractable 
  • Easy to clip hooks/stackable 
  • Variety of accessories.


How long and wide are the adjustable lanyards? At Vograce, we are here to provide solutions in terms of length and width.

The sizes are pretty much what everyone wants for their Lanyard. We offer adjusting frames that are easy to slide and readjust. Since our clients lead and we gladly follow, we provide various measures that you can comfortably use:

  • 4cm*71cm*4cm
  • 4cm*138cm*4cm

Variety of Accessory selection sizes

Each unique accessory has a defined measurement. We are particular on weight and size to avoid bulkiness.   

  • Phone Quick Release buckle PVC + metal ring: 12*85mm
  • The Phone Tether Tab Transparent TPU Badge Holder + D buckle: 60*38 
  • Rubber Bottle Holder Silicone: 55*35mm 

Structure chart

Vograce team can never leave out our esteemed customers. We work to ensure you understand each product structure and how to create your imagination. The Custom Adjustable Lanyards have the following features:

  • The hooks are designed with Zinc alloys and silver electroplate.
  • A white plastic buckle
  • The non-fading Lanyard is 205cm and printed on a double side.
  • The Lanyard has simple hidden stitches.

Amazing Default and Custom Packaging

Default packaging 

Custom packaging

Vograce is particular on presentation and packaging. We value the final appearance as it should align with the product. Our customers can choose from default and custom packaging services. The two are incredibly sealed with robust packing material.

The custom packaging is environment friendly and contains product description guidance.


For a successful journey with our clients, we ship to various places globally. The prices and policies are customer friendly and easy regardless of the location. To ship the final product, we conduct a simple procedure to determine the time frame as follows:

  • The vograce team will send confirmation of proof within 2-5 working days via the client's email.
  • The proof details apply to customers who've purchased 5 items/designs.
  • Our client (s) needs to approve the proof and send the feedback.
  • The production will commence.
  • The shipping time will align with the product's complexity or production time.