What is a Notepad? Can I Print Directly from it?


At Vograce colorful, bright, and sophisticated is our norm. We generously dedicate these characters to our esteemed customers through our custom Memo Pads Notepad Printing. Our products are generally easy to use and beautiful to present on any occasion.

Custom Memo Pads Notepad Printing special characteristics

For all your writing solutions Vograce Custom Memo Pads Notepad Printing is the best choice due to the extra classy touch. Our design team honors the client’s demands by crafting your imagination. The products hold multiple special characters that define Notepad odds.

Size and shape

At Vograce we never advocate for bulky products. Our Custom Memo Pads Notepad Printing holds the right sizes and shapes. Our customers have the choice to choose from a variety of lightweight sizes and shapes as shown.


  • Square 80mm
  • Rectangular 10*12cm
  • Rectangular 10*14cm  


The sizes come in simple and equal measurements as follows:

  • 160*140mm
  • 100*120mm
  • 80*80mm

The shapes don’t deter portability as the Notepads are easy to carry by hand or in your bag. The measurements are reasonable giving you the chance to note down all your notes in beautiful Memo pads.

Quantity, Price, and MOQ

In terms of quantity, price, and MOQ Vograce brand is quite considerate compared to other brands.  Interested customers have the privilege to order in bunches of 30 pieces per MOQ or quantity per design.

Our offer is open to different selections of:

  • 30
  • 60
  • 90
  • 120
  • 180
  • 240

This doesn’t limit users who need more than 240 + Custom Memo Pads. The prices are pretty balanced to cater for your shipping and order purchase.  For any quantity, one can make the order in multiples and include it in the email or order cart.

Sheets and color choice

The Vograce team doesn't do ordinary as our Memo pads are well animated and multi-colored to fit every user. It's possible to customize the color, shape, and size according to your liking. With the opportunity to create and sketch your custom Memo Pad Notepad. The design team gives their best modification to align with your order.


What about a bunch of extravagant sheets per Memo pad? Each pad holds a unique nature that gives you the zeal to make more notes. The Memos contain 50 sheets each having an exclusive decoration.

Sheet technique

Our Custom Memo Pads Notepad Printing products have a similar sheet printing design regardless of the size or shape. The Custom Memo Pads sheets are printed on one side each having a particular color choice. The backside is plain with a bright white color.  The sheets are firm and not prone to easy tiring thus eliminating any accidental plucking.

Product printing design

To fulfill our customer's desires our team allows one to send the sketch in the following format and printing.

  • CMYK printing and color.
  • File requirements:
  • PNG
  • PSD
  • CDR
  • JPG
  • PDF
  • Resolution
  • 300 and 1000 pixels (or more)

The Vograce design team recommends the PNG or PSD formatting for the best outcome.

With the combinations, Vograce has a direct channel to help the customer send their customized product structures.

Overall Custom Memo Pads Notepad Printing features

For a complete review, our Custom Memo Pads Notepad Printing is designed with comprehensive features such as:

  • Low MOQ
  • Discounted prices
  • High quality products designed for all users.
  • Suitable for all occasions
  • Easy to tire but firm Meme pad sheets.
  • Appealing to the eye.
  • Multi-colored, great sizes and shapes.
  • Impressive prints and smooth pages for easy writing.
  • Incredible paper surface.
  • HD printing
  • Textured paper
  • Firm paper texture, not prone to dog-eared edges.
  • Beautiful creative pets on each page.
  • Best packing with durable and biodegradable products.

Packing style

To sum it up Vograce brand is keen to present elegant products to their clients in the best packing.  At Vograce we don't just cater for presentation but the environment. Our packaging products are well sealed with a biodegradable pack for a better environment.

The packs are transparent for view and firm to avoid tearing. Similarly, we allow our clients to provide their preferred packaging at a considerable fee. The packaging is strong enough to withstand the shipping or any pressure within the delivery period.


Once packaging is complete, our team is always ready to deliver the Custom Memo Pads Notepad Printing products to designated locations. The shipping period is determined by the product with the longest production sessions.

We also acknowledge our client's approval before commencing with the design or production process. Our clients need to confirm the proof sent through their email ID. This happens in 2-5 working days where the customer reviews and approves the details. With the confirmation Vograce design team starts off with the orders.  At Vograce we believe in keeping promises as we ensure to deliver within the requested duration.