Profitable Creativity with Custom Clear Acrylic Holographic PVC Lanyard Keychains

Today custom products are quite profitable actually they are booming across physical and online stores. With few materials, you can turn great imagination into reality and make incredible profits. It’s the Custom Clear Acrylic Holographic PVC Lanyard Keychains taking over the standard Lanyards and keychains.

The simple crafted Custom Clear Acrylic Holographic PVC Lanyard Keychains are a combination of fascinating features that are readily available. Businesses and individuals can easily develop Acrylic Holographic PVC Lanyards Keychains without any professional assistance.

Impressive details about Custom Clear Acrylic Holographic PVC Lanyard Keychains

Lanyards don’t have to be too standard and common. One can opt for beautiful creative and durable custom Lanyard Keychains for their personal or official use. The Custom Clear Acrylic Holographic PVC Lanyards Keychains consists of multiple unique parts as follows:

Holographic PVC

Holographic is pretty unique flexible plastic/PVC film that comes in multiple of:

  • Polyester PET
  • Oriented Polypropylene OPP
  • Nylon Bonly (has images and patterns).

The materials are easy to emboss with different patterns and images thus giving an incredible diffraction.  A blend of white color and other spectral mixed colors gives a rainbow-like reflection. Holographic PVC makes amazing custom clear Acrylic Holographic Lanyard Keychains as they display multiple colors based on the angle and direction of light.

Holographic Lanyards

Holographic Lanyards are never boring, the color reflection keeps everyone busy and mesmerized. Companies can make incredible Logos and prints for beautiful branding and promotion.

  • To create your best Holographic Lanyard and attach a fascinating custom Keychain. One can incorporate design tool editor platforms.
  • Based on your editor tool, review the Lanyard types and select your preferred material.
  • In our case, we opt for Holographic material and considerable thickness.
  • Each Holographic film is designed with particular colors, choose what best suits your business or personal needs.
  • Proceed to color presentation, fonts, and clip art to help in printing the Lanyard.
  • Next, select the background from the list to ensure it blends in the selected Holographic colors.
  • Now, enter the Logo or details on the Lanyard. Review the information by checking the spacing, visibility, and color.
  • Zoom the design to view all the tiny details before saving the final product.
  • Enter the quantity, and make the request or print it out.


After availing the Holographic PVC Lanyard fold it to the right size or preferred side and attach the end clip. There are various types of Lanyard clips to make your Custom Acrylic Holographic PVC Lanyard Keychain. The clips choice is based on the type of Lanyard for example ID badge holder, keychain holder, name tag, and more.

  • A Swivel badge clip
  • Split ring
  • Bulldog clip
  • Metal swivel hook

Picking your best clipping the next step is attaching an Acrylic Keychain using a jump ring. Use a plier to insert the keychain through the Acrylic blank hole. With the combination Acrylic Holographic PVC Lanyard Keychain is complete.

Importance of Custom Clear Acrylic Holographic PVC Lanyard Keychains

  • Durability and robust

Holographic films are pretty durable and strong, they are easy to fold and modify as they don’t break. Holographic is scratch-resistant meaning your Lanyard will withstand all kinds of environments. The Acrylic material is equally strong scratch-free free and beautiful. The combination makes it the best product for your custom clear acrylic holographic PVC lanyard keychains.

  • Easy to customize

You can have multiple customized designs from single Holographic PVC film and Acrylic keychain blanks. One can create name Acrylic Keychains, Rainbow Acrylic, Glitter, and more.  Holographic PVC Lanyard Keychains can be customized to fit different sizes, colors, shapes, and designs.

Types of Acrylic Keychains for your Holographic PVC Lanyard Keychain

  • Standard Acrylic Keychain

The Basic or standard Acrylic Keychains are readily available and come in different sizes. They allow for simple and complex customization as one can imprint their image, logo, and text. Basic Acrylic keychains are marketable and also best for personal uses.

  • LED (Light-like) Acrylic Keychain

Impress your clients with a LED Acrylic Keychain for your Holographic PVC Lanyard Keychain.  The custom Clear Acrylic Holographic PVC Lanyard Keychain is designed in various colors for low-light areas. Businesses can use the keychains for promotional campaigns and branding.

  • Photo Acrylic keychains

Photo Acrylic Keychains give the user the choice to fix any photo whether personal, business logo, or anything inside the Acrylic. One can match the Holographic PVC Lanyard colors with the Acrylic photo for a beautiful outcome.

  • Personalized Acrylic Keychain

This type of Acrylic is open to any customization. You can insert your name, company logo, text, images, etc. The keychains are the best fix for your Holographic PVC Lanyard as they match any occasion and attire.

Creating Custom Acrylic Holographic PVC Lanyard Keychains has multiple benefits as it’s easy to modify from your living room. They are best as promotional products, gifts, accessories, branding, and personal services.