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Make your DIY Rainbow Acrylic Lanyards and multiply your profits. Tech and creativity are the best modern business combinations that allow you to create any custom product with the simplest of materials. It's easy to modify beautiful and unique custom-shaped Acrylic Lanyards and Acrylic keychains, without professional skills.

Besides the gifting aspect, you can create bulk Rainbow Acrylic Lanyards for business purposes. Actually, the internet is flocking with thousands of popular custom Acrylic product manufacturers and suppliers. The Rainbow Acrylic Lanyards hold great reactions as many businesses require Lanyards for their employees.

About Acrylic Lanyard (Rainbow Acrylic Lanyard)

Vast demand is an underestimate explaining the importance of Lanyards. Both formal and informal sectors utilize the Lanyards for ID badges, name tags, keys, or other work/personal related items.  Technology and innovation have scraped off the standard Lanyards bringing new custom and creative products.

You have the choice to develop or choose different colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. Acrylic is the new perfect resource as it comes with multiple choices and modifications. It's easy to color acrylic blanks to develop Rainbow lanyards or other amazing products such as keychains.

Rainbow Acrylic Lanyards offer incredible color reflection appealing to the eye. The Acrylic holds massive significance and advocacy. It's a must-have and a match for different outfits and occasions.  The best part about Rainbow Acrylic Lanyards is that they are available in different materials like polyester, elastic, and nylon lanyard. With the fantastic rainbow colors, the lanyards are printable through quality spot UV printing for a lasting impression.

How to create a DIY Rainbow Acrylic Lanyard

A perfect lanyard design can be achieved through creativity, quality design tools, and time. Lanyards go along with acrylic keychains to give an incredible and decent look. Here we give a custom description of creating Rainbow lanyards and keychains and the perfect combination.

Print options

  • Dye sublimation
  • Woven
  • Silk screen

Dye sublimation

The dye sublimation lanyards are considered high-quality. They are used for logos, branding, and quality designs. For rainbow lanyards, a dye sublimation means the color printing will perfectly reflect due to the high-tech process involved.


Woven lanyards are durable and of high skill.

Silk screen

For cost cost-cutting projects silk screen is the best option. It's fast and affordable to design and print.

Required attachments

After selecting your printing option, one needs to select a descent and safe attachment. You need to consider the purpose of the lanyard before attaching the following options:

  • Bulldog clip
  • Swivel badge clip
  • Split ring
  • Metal swivel hook

Simple steps to design your Rainbow Acrylic lanyard

  • Get your favorite design tool editor to download, install, and edit.
  • Next, select the lanyard type by choosing the material, attachment, thickness, and print option.
  • Considering the Rainbow lanyard be sure to check the best material that will offer bright and balanced colors.
  • The editor should/will provide a variety of design elements. Check all the color presentations, font, and clip art options to get the best for your brand or need.
  • Get the background pattern. Before settling for a particular color try several options to get a different appearance.
  • Pick the best fonts for your lanyard and enter the specific details you wish to appear.  Remember to give proper spacing for visibility.
  • The logo and graphics should be included in this stage. However, one can design the logo and other beautification on the acrylic material that we/you shall attach at the end.
  • For satisfaction with the color combination, artwork, design preview, and resize to avail the final outcome.
  • Make any adjustments and if okay save your rainbow lanyard design.
  • Next, enter the quantity of lanyards and additional information before making a printing request.

Rainbow Acrylic Lanyard attachment (Acrylic Rainbow Keychain)

With the rainbow lanyard in place, it's easy to combine your acrylic keychain or material with the lanyard.

  • Weeding tool
  • Pliers
  • Cricut machine
  • Permanent Vinyl
  • Scraper tool
  • SVG file

Steps to Create Rainbow Keychain

  • First, upload the SVG and get the right size.
  • Next, get your Acrylic keychain  and remove the protective film on both sides.
  • You can opt for transfer tape or just place the colors as stickers starting the rainbow from the arch. Once done make clouds on the opposite side of the acrylic blank to give an enhanced look.
  • Using the pliers attach the keychains using a jump ring. Before closing the ring attach the lanyard you made/designed.
  • The Keychain and lanyard will be complete reflecting beautiful rainbow colors.

With simple directions, one can easily develop bulk orders at affordable prices. The Rainbow Acrylic Lanyards are also beautiful gifts, promotional products, and personal items. One can choose the lanyard size and material based on purpose or client demand. No, skills or professionalism required as you can develop your DIY custom Rainbow Acrylic Lanyard from your home.