Make an Impression with Custom Hollow Rotating Acrylic Keychains


Vograce Custom Hollow Rotating Acrylic Keychains are a masterpiece of a kind. They define beauty, creativity and elegance. The keychain's accessory combination commands respect as they represent one’s fashion and class.

Custom Hollow Rotating Acrylic Keychains are pretty versatile for the fit well as gifts, home and office key accessories. You can always make those best moments and memories last by gifting your loved ones the best Vograce Hollow Rotating Acrylic Keychains.


Speaking of personalizing, Vograce ranks best as they allow customers to receive their own creations. You have the privilege to design and state the final outcomes of your custom Hollow Rotating Acrylic Keychain. It's always about customizing, and we are here to provide the very best to suit your preferences.

Printing design

With the freedom of choice, you can select from set printing options.

  • Double sided with same design
  • Double sided different design.

It's never a bother when you request either of the options. The Hollow Rotating Acrylic Keychains are designed with multiple animations and features. This gives a variety of choices to create different designs to fit customer needs.

Size (outer frame)

At Vograce, we don't advocate for bulkiness; we care for simplicity and mobility. Our Custom Hollow Rotating Acrylic keychains come in reasonable sizes. The frame size starts from:

  • Frame size: 40 mm
  • 2’’ {50.8mm}
  • 5’’{63.5mm}
  • 3’’{76.2mm}


Variety is an understatement considering the numerous number of available accessories. Customers can choose from different shapes and sizes, as shown in the image.

One can never go wrong with the Hollow Rotating Acrylic Keychain accessories choices as they fit in with different styles, attires and occasions.

Quantity and Prices

Vograce promises both quality and quantity. You can purchase multiple rotating acrylic keychains at incredible discounts. With 6+ orders, one stands to get discounts starting from 10%.

The discounts are quite lucrative as they get higher with the number of ordered Custom Hollow Rotating Acrylic Keychains.

product details

The Hollow Rotating Acrylic Keychains super environmental friendly. One can be sure of its safety; the material is attained from human-friendly products. The transparent acrylic material adds to the already-stated beauty.

To satisfy customers' preferences, Vograce products come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Custom Hollow Rotating Acrylic Keychains are sophisticated and offer characters like:

  • Spectacular materials are attractive and durable.
  • The rotating anime which offers the best interactivity.
  • High-quality material and accessories.
  • Smooth edges, lightweight and reasonable size.
  • The printing design is customized based on the user's preference.

Quality details

Hollow Rotating Acrylic Keychains have high-quality features such as:

  • High hardness to prevent from damage.
  • Laser cutting
  • A smooth surface and edges
  • HD Printing

Detailed products introduction

To avail the final finish, Vograce goes to great lengths to combine and produce excellent keychains in a sketch. The keychains are well layered, giving great durability.

To get the best Acrylic Keychains, provide a rough sketch and upload using the required file type.

Files to upload

  • PSD
  • PNG
  • PDF
  • AI

Ensure the color is CMYK with 3000 or 1000 resolution. Vograce advocates more for PNG and PSD formats, though the rest are great, too.

same design or different design printing  

You have the privilege to design your Hollow Rotating Acrylic Keychains. To get unique products you can choose from:

Same design printing

  • The keychains, back and front, will display a similar image. The sides will be mirrored to get a beautiful impression.

Different designs on each side

You can opt for different printing on the back and front. This applies if you don’t want the mirrored effect. To achieve the proper outcome, provide separate layers.

Semi-transparent part

To enhance the design customers have chances to incorporate semi-transparent sections on the Hollow Rotating Acrylic Keychains. Select the semi-transparent part and provide a separate design from the artwork.

Give a semi-transparent layer and artwork layer in PSD file or PNG format. Ensure to name the sides and file as indicated below:


Charm size and design

The charm size shouldn't be too large or small but considerable. Remember, it's the primary attraction and giving it a fascinating look fulfils its' purpose. The size should include:

  • perfect borderline
  • hole on the longest edge

Special offer

Our client's preference is Vograce priority; if you get 5 plus products or need unique features, you will get a special cutline for confirmation.

Final outcome

With correct measurements and material placement, you can expect the best outcome with incredible colors, shapes, and sizes.

Heartwarming packaging

our packaging reflects the product's prettiness. We go for custom biodegradable packages which are eco-friendly stable to withstand any pressure.

We at Vograce

Excellence and satisfaction are our primary aim when dealing with your products. We offer quality services ranging from:

  • Service and support

Our support teams are always on duty to ensure you avail the best services. For any special requirement, email or contact support for quick solutions.

  • Shipping

Don't worry about your gift arrival date; we work with you to ensure the product is delivered on time. Shipping and delivery depends on the number of items and complexity.

  • Affordability

At Vograce, we put smiles and create memories for our clients by providing the best products at considerably low prices. You can avail discounts by purchasing more products.