Dignified Surfing with Vograce Custom Holographic Mouse Pads

At Vograce, we value your dignity and presentation. We cater to your personal and work-related needs through unique custom-made products. Our Custom Holographic Mouse Pads are exclusively vibrant with a comfy feel to the wrist.

It's our duty to create your desired Holographic Mouse pads as they come with customized shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Vograce team is at the forefront to magnify your imagination and make it reality. By selecting your preferred Custom Holographic Mouse Pad design and color, we shall gladly bring it to life.

Custom Holographic Mouse Pad exclusive details

Vograce is keen on detailing and giving you the best of your request. Our Custom Holographic Mouse Pads contain multiple features that will work brilliantly with your environment.


As we cut the size according to our customer's liking, we consider bulkiness and portability. With the likelihood of working in different locations. Vograce designs simple, fascinating, and eye-catching Holographic Mouse Pads.

 The sizes come in multiples of:

  • 36*30cm *4mm
  • 45*40cm*4mm
  • 48*40cm*4mm

Vibrant Colors

It's never a dull mood with Vograce custom Holographic Mouse Pads. We spice your mouse experience with adorable colors and anime/pets. The color combination amazingly reflects our customer’s imaginations.

The fascinating part of Vograce Holographic Mouse Pads is the edge color selection. With the Anime holding multiple color variations. The edges are designed with beautiful colors like:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Blue

Our customers can avail their best combination through a simple request, which will be implemented super-fast.

Quantity, Price, MOQ, and Discount

Besides being product friendly, we are too pocket-friendly. You can never go wrong with Vograce custom products. Our Custom Holographic Mouse Pads are best purchased in different quantities. This comes with a flexible price, which is discounted to fit your budget.

Vograce is never selfish in terms of bulk production. Try our design team, and we will impress you. We gladly design more than 500 pcs on each product in the shortest time possible. Actually, our MOQ is 50 pieces where you can choose each design. 

For quantity, 500pcs will do the trick during the crowdfunding, and be sure to receive the items on time as requested. Our esteemed customers can send in the production request separately from other items due to production and delivery timings.

Exclusive material features

At Vograce, we are always a notch higher than our competitors. Besides the common features, our Custom Holographic Mouse Pads hold secretive features such as:

Textured edging

Our customers don't need to worry about the edges ripping off. The design team is accurate in hemming the edges with nice colored patterns.


There is always a possibility of minor accidents, and Vograce got you covered. Our Holographic Mouse Pads are waterproof made. Regardless of the liquid or temperature, you can easily wipe off the surface, leaving no stains.

Stainless surface

The fear of staining the anime is inevitable. The mouse pad material is super smooth, waterproof, and stainless. Any dirt is easily removable but just a simple wipe. Vograce team has designed friendly Custom Holographic Mouse pads which can’t absorb liquids or dirt.

Anime and top Color selection

Besides the edges coloring, the top part and anime are amazingly beautiful. The color selection is stunning and comes with variety based on the customer's liking.

HD Printing

Vograce designing team doesn’t just settle for any printing but the exclusive HD printing. It's incredible how they offer high-quality printing to match the client's personality and order request.

No friction

Friction shouldn’t deter you from trying Vograce Custom Holographic Mouse Pads. Our Mouse Pads are soft and friction-free causing no injuries on your wrist.

Chart Structure

Our customers are our priority; to avail the best design. We offer each client the opportunity to sketch, upload the images, and also approve the products. Vograce designed a simple structure to enhance your imagination and know what to expect.

The Holographic Mouse Pads have several layers from:

  • Rainbow film
  • Bound edge
  • Printing layer
  • Fabric
  • Rubber

With the structure in place, you can easily sketch and understand every detail on your Holographic mouse pad.

Important description

With the fascinating work to attain an impressive Holographic Mouse Pad. Comes with the caring of the custom product. Vograce team holds the grace to kindly educate our customers not to fold the Mouse pad to prevent creasing.


Vograce Custom Holographic Mouse Pads are best for your office and home computer or laptop devices. The mouse pads fit different surfaces and give a nice final outcome.


With production aside, Vograce goes to ensure you receive your Holographic Mouse Pads in good shape and fast. With little cooperation, the Mouse pads will arrive on time or probably early.

  • Our team will send a confirmation of proof for the products requested within 2-5 days.
  • Check your email, review, and approve the confirmation.
  • The production process will begin where the shipping time will be determined by the products with the longest production time.