Defined Beauty with Custom Acrylic Earrings Ear Stud


At Vograce, we define beauty with creativity, fancy accessories and modish outlook. Why settle for normal when you can avail unique, sophisticated trends? Our Custom Acrylic Earrings, Ear Stud, are the new accessories in town.

The Acrylic Earrings Ear Studs offer room for creation allowing you to design multiple earrings based on occasion. Imagine having Earring Ear Studs for friends’ day out, special date, office, or regular day. Our Custom Acrylic Earrings Ear Stud makes you stand out at pocket-friendly prices. The Ear Studs are readily available at your order. With a great team, you can expect fascinating products to blend in with your daily style.

Quantity is calculated in pairs


Accessory material

Silver and gold are our taste, as we believe clients are honorable and classy to receive the best accessories. You can choose from a wide variety of S925 silver and gold plated ear hooks and studs.


  • S925 silver ear hooking with Gold plate
  • S925 silver ear hook
  • S925 beaded silver ear hooks, which are gold-plated.
  • S925beaded silver ear hooks
  • S925 round bottom silver ear pin with gold plate.
  • S925 round bottom silver ear pins
  • Copper spiral ear clips/silver
  • Copper spiral ear clip/gold

 with the long list; you can select your preferred material, and we will do the perfect job.

Acrylic Earrings Ear Stud Design printing

We are known for double-sided same design and double-sided different printing. To spice your fashion, we offer multiple printing designs for your different lifestyles.

  • Double-sided same-design print
  • Double-sided different design print
  • Double sided same design with a front side epoxy.
  • Double-sided same design earring ear stub/hook with front part glitter epoxy.
  • A double-sided different design and front side epoxy.
  • Double-sided different design with front sided glitter epoxy.

Acrylic Earrings Ear Stud product details

For beautiful presentation, our products come in multiple elegant designs like:

  • High-end accessories with durable material.
  • The earrings are comfortable and beautiful to wear.
  • The custom acrylic earring ear stud can easily modified to different designs.
  • Acrylic Earrings Ear doesn’t fade and offers an appealing look.

Material surface and appearance

Vograce products comes in varieties of products from:

  • Laser cutting
  • Smooth surface
  • High hardness
  • HD printing

Quantity, price and quality

Custom Acrylic Earring Ear Stud are designed with high quality with durable material. You can request for 6 plus earring studs at great prices.

The best part of bulk order is that you can request for different designs per Earring. Vograce calculates quantity based on pairs. Be sure to receive the products in the set time frame after the agreement.

The minimum quantity ranges from 6+ products going for a discounted price of 10% discount. For clients seeking business opportunities like reselling a higher number of 500+ to 5000+ is also possible with Vograce. You can enjoy incredible discounts of 58% to 72% and beyond. 

Why not try the Vograce world of farfetched accessories, where affordability, quality and creativity are our utmost concern?

Actual size

We never advocate for bulkiness but stylish, impressive and durable designs. You can wear hooked or stud without any strain as they are super light. The sizes are calculated in cm as follows:

  • 5cm
  • 2cm
  • 5cm
  • 3cm
  • 5cm
  • 8cm

Product display

Vograce is pretty open to different designs as they offer customers chance to create their desired anime, shape and other features. You can opt for cute bunny, scary anime or heart shaped earrings.


To produce quality, Vograce is keen to provide a chart structure that elaborates on thickness, shape, and size. Clients can request for different designs on the front and back.  

Acrylic material counts as 1.5mm with a pinhole section for the hook or clip. For stud earring lovers, the product can only come as epoxy earrings

Simple, sturdy packaging

Our packaging gives that first captivating impression. We care for your product and environment by providing a biodegradable package. The packs are well sealed and can withstand all pressures, making it easy to ship to different parts.  

At Vograce, we gladly permit preferred packaging materials a deal which should be communicated in advance. You can easily describe your desires via email or support team for advance planning. Once settled, send in your package, which comes at a simplified price.

Shipping is fast and efficient, though done based on product quantity, design complexity and packaging preference. You can expect your Custom Acrylic Earrings Ear Stud(s) after complete communication and confirmation.


Our clients, our priority. The communication channels are open anytime to handle any issue. For bulk booking, design confirmation, complaints and any product-related information. You can email or contact using set social platforms. It’s always a joy to hear from our clients.