Custom Plushie Toys Plush Stuffed Dolls for Business Branding


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Plushie toys are taking a new turn from the fluffy nice self-toy to an incredible business model. The sophisticated toys offer a magnificent outlook with soft, warm, and colorful materials.  Amazingly one can create their imagination to reality by just sewing their preferred stuffed toys. To enhance the power of creation customization offers Custom Plushie Toys Plush Stuffed Dolls.

You can design any character or doll as there are unlimited choices. It's easy to blend in different colors, materials, and attires to achieve your custom plushie toys plush stuffed dolls. The special dolls are stuffed with superb characteristics that are unique in each plushie toy.

Incredible Custom Plushie Toys Plush Stuffed Dolls features

  Types of Custom Plushie Toys Plush Stuffed Dolls

With the different materials, one can formulate various types of Plushie toys such as:

  • Cotton doll
  • Manjuu Plushy
  • Animal Plush Toy

Custom Plushie Toys Plush Stuffed Dolls size and shape  

The sizes and shapes are determined by the type of Plushie Toy.  The cotton doll takes up multiple sizes and shapes as shown below:

Cotton Dolls

  • 10cm
  • 15cm
  • 20cm

Manjuu Plushy

  • 5cm

Animal plush toy

  • 20cm

Skeleton modification on Plushie Toys

With customization abilities, Plushie Toys lovers can choose their Plush Stuffed Doll structure. The dolls are easy to modify to fit one's liking. For the skeleton feature the user has two choices to select from:

  • With skeleton
  • Without skeleton.

However, the choices are limited to cotton dolls and the Animal Plushy toys only.

Hair Style material

Plushie toys and dolls aren’t complete without their beautiful hair covering.  The hair selection aligns with the material and type of Plushie toy.  There is a vast selection of hair colors according to the liking of the doll type.  To give a nice finish choose from the following hair materials:

  • Short fur (0.5 cm long)
  • Short pile rabbit fur (1.5cm)
  • Washed rabbit fur  (3cm)
  • New rabbit fur (3cm)
  • Brown fur (9 to 12 cm)

Best material per Plushie Toy/ Plush stuffed doll

Custom Plushie Toys Plushie Stuffed Dolls are defined by material and structure. Each doll has unique fittings that blend to give a complete outcome.

Cotton Doll hair material

  • Short fur
  • Washed rabbit fur
  • New rabbit fur
  • Blow fur
  • Short pile rabbit fur

Manjuu Plushies

  • Short fur
  • Short pile rabbit fur

Animal Plush toy

  • Short fur
  • Short pile rabbit fur

Custom Plushie Toys Plush Stuffed Dolls Ear accessories

The ears play a significant role in the Plushie toys. They are the animal determiners and give a clue about the type of plush stuffed doll.

  • Bear ears
  • Rabbit ears
  • Dog ears
  • Cat ears
  • Devil's ears
  • Fox's ears
  • Droopy rabbit ears.

Tail types

With most parts installed the tails give a perfect finishing. You can choose between a perfect fit for your Manjuu Plushie and Animal Plush toys.  The tails are attached by a robust lobster clip as shown below.

Customization details on Custom Plushie Toys Plush Stuffed Dolls

It's easy to fall in love with the Custom Plushie Toys Plush Stuffed Dolls. The beautiful feature coordination from perfect soft hair, ears, tails, type, and material gives one the urge to get more. With this one can customize different factors to gain different plushie toys.

  • It’s possible to avail different shapes and sizes.
  • One can request multiple ear and tail shapes.
  • The toys can take different colors according to the user's preference.

Fascinating shared features in Custom Plushie toys and stuffed dolls

Beautiful, unique, and fascinating are a few words that express the creativity and beauty of Custom Plushie Toys Plush Stuffed Dolls. You can expect the following features in all stuffed toys/dolls:

  • Perfect embroidery
  • Soft hair
  • No skin irritations from the hair material
  • Great outfit combination
  • Beautiful color selection.
  • Multiple ear and tail selection.

However, with the customization choices, Custom Plushie Toys Plush Stuffed Dolls can only be customized on the head section.  The bottom section can only accommodate shape and size customization.

Facts about Customization

  • The embroidery and hairline color is limited to 12 colors.
  • No gradients are used in the design.
  • The facial should be symmetrical unless the user needs to install special circumstances.

Custom Plushie Toys Plush Stuffed Dolls for Business Branding

Custom Plushie Toys Plush Stuffed Dolls are defining the odds by replacing the standard marketing strategies. They are an effective and attractive tool that is perfect for brand promotional services. Today marketing is not just physical but taking an emotional effect.

Brands can impress their potential and existing clients with custom stuffed Dolls with Company logos. The dolls hold a lasting effect compared to the business card or tote bag. With the customization ability organizations can create plushie toys to align with their colors, logo, and brand services.

Huge brands have invested in stuffed dolls to promote their business and keep the memories fresh. Clients tend to make purchases from brands that go the extra mile in brand awareness.

Effective ways of using Custom Plush Stuffed Dolls

  • Mascots

Mascots are pretty cute and friendly, they pose as the best memorable brand promotion facilities. Companies seeking to outstand need to create their unique custom stuffed dolls for mascot services. This gives clients opportunities to take photos and identify with the plushie toy.

  • Gift Custom Plushie toys and plush stuffed Dolls

During your brand recognition campaigns have custom stuffed dolls as giveaways. The plushies should be well-labeled for effective results. Brands need to have a variety of Plushies to cover user's desires. Customers can easily relate gifts rather than simple cards.

  • Create Plushie Dolls resembling your type of business

For example, organizations selling fast food can create a chicken wing mascot. One can customize the stuffed toys to fit the particular business. This makes it easy to establish your business idea to the target audience.


Custom Plushie Toys Plush Stuffed Dolls go beyond the typical gifting but are comprehensive instruments. It's easy to leave a lasting impression and increase business productivity through the power of Plushie toys.