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At Vograce we do little things with love and customer’s desires at heart. We don’t just create your orders we make lasting impressions. Our unique and current custom product is beyond the standard making as we revolutionize your bookmarking skills.

Our Custom Bookmark Printing with Tassels is our best innovation that comes with exclusive decoration. The Bookmark Printing with Tassel is designed with multiple features and materials for customer satisfaction.

The Tassels are cute and multi-colored to fit all genders and occasions. It’s an eye-catching feature that will leave your counterparts mesmerized. Vograce design team doesn't just dwell on making funds but on making great relationships through best quality custom products.

Custom Bookmark Printing with Tassels special features

 Whether novel, school, religious, or any reading material, Vograce Custom Bookmark Printing with Tassels got you covered. The Bookmarks are incredible blending with all your requirements and giving an outstanding outlook. Each Bookmark comes with beautiful and stunning features as shown.

Anime and color

A great combination of color and anime/pet images makes Vograce Custom Bookmark with Tassels the best choice for your markings. The bookmarks are designed with amazing tassels decorated in different colors and sizes. The tassels match the image and size of the bookmark.

Our customers have the privilege to select their best Custom Bookmark Printing with Tassel color, size, and Tassel.  It's possible to request for your favorite anime or a different color design for each order.


To match our client's desires, the custom Bookmark Printing with Tassels is modified in different sizes. This allows one to select the correct size for their particular materials. The bookmark printing with Tassels is easy to fit on any page without plugging the pages up.

Our esteemed clients can choose from a variety of sizes as follows:

Drilled +Tassel

  • 70*140mm
  • 51*15205mm
  • 51*178mm

Tearable + not drilled

  • 60*180mm

Not Drilled

  • 70*140mm
  • 51*152.5mm
  • 51*178mm

Printing design

Our Custom Bookmarks Printing with Tassels comes with all kinds of printing designs and elevated looks.  One can enjoy laminated bookmarks with each side holding fascinating features such as:


  • Double sided glossy film
  • Double sided matte film
  • Double sided holographic film
  • Double sided star illusion film

Front and back side designs

  • Double sided same design
  • Double sided different design
  • Single sided printing

Customers choosing different design prints have the choice to select from a whole bunch of beautiful animated designs.

Tassel incredible features

Besides marking your last read page, our bookmarks create an elegant atmosphere. The tassels are well placed, firm not to pluck off, and well-colored to fit your taste.  The tassels hold incredible colors and sizes as follows:


Choose from the best and decorate your reading and books with fascinating colors as shown.

  • Black
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Rose red
  • Light pink
  • Light brown
  • Light Purple
  • Gradient orange
  • Gradient yellow-green.

Each Tassel is detailed with different sizes. Our Vograce team creates your desired length and color to suit your imagination.

Quantity, MOQ, and Price  

At Vograce, Quantity, quality, and price are our highest consideration. For our Custom Bookmark Printing with Tassels, we offer the lower MOQ and quantity order of 50pcs per design. The MOQ comes with great prices and discounts as shown below. 

Our customers get the privilege of ordering 5000+ designs at the lowest prices and high discounts of up to 63%. The Vograce design team is top-notch as they create and deliver on the designated timeframe regardless of the number.

Custom Bookmark Printing with Tassels structure and file upload requirements

Vograce brand only operates on customers' demands. This means we allow our clients to give sketches and ideas on the custom Bookmark product. Our team gives an orderly structure and procedure for required uploads as indicated below.

File requirements

For complete bookmark printing with tassels structure and sketch. Our clients should upload their final file with the following details:

  • CMYK printing
  • CMYK color
  • 300 resolutions
  • 1000 (or more) pixels

However, for incredible outcomes the PSD and PNG file format as it more appealing.

The features and any special requests should be included in the order cart or email.

General features defining our custom Bookmark Printing with Tassels

  • Best MOQ offer
  • Beautiful anime and color combination.
  • The tassels are super soft and colorful
  • Two customization styles
  • Holographic
  • A coated paper with star illusion film
  • Glossy film
  • Matte film
  • Thick and durable cardstock
  • Detachable
  • HD printing.

Packaging and shipping

Our packaging process rounds up the unique journey. Our packs are transparent, strong, and biodegradable.  They are firm to withstand the shipping process and any delivery strategy. We offer custom packages and also allow our clients to send in their preferred packaging products at an affordable fee.

The shipping procedure is only successful with combined efforts from our clients and design team.  Once you place an order, the Vograce team will require your approval which is easily conducted by email. Ensure to confirm the proofs to give a go ahead to the production crew. The process is determined by the product with the longest production period. However, once approved we act swiftly to deliver within the set duration and give beyond quality.