Beauty Sleep with Super Soft Vograce Custom Blankets with Pictures


Vograce advocates reinstating the importance of beautiful, healthy, and satisfactory sleep. With no therapy or treatment needed. Vograce has incredibly created a simple and chic way for attaining good rest. The custom blankets with pictures are fascinating products to introduce into your sleep routine.

Custom Blankets with Pictures are super soft and cozy giving the best feel on the skin. They are easy to customize to fit your liking. Our customers get the privilege of choosing their preferred size, color, and anime/pet.

At Vograce, we give a blend of beauty, creativity, texture, and color. It is the vibrant appeal that keeps us giving the best of your demands. Custom Blankets with Pictures hold multiple significant features that compel you to purchase more.

Custom Blankets design

Our customers have the opportunity to avail their favorite designs by choosing from selected printings:

  • Double sided different designs
  • Double sided, same design
  • Single sided printing with white back.

One can choose a printing of any anime for their design. Our design team will gladly print the pictures as directed.


It’s all about your preferred size and requirements. The custom blankets with pictures are designed in different sizes to fit the client's needs. One can review each size and settle for the best option.

  • 75*100cm
  • 120*150cm
  • 150*200cm



Vograce team is pretty vast with color blending as we give our clients incredibly vibrant colors. You can always match the home décor with our sophisticated custom blankets with pictures. The pets/anime integrates well with the outer color designs to make a remarkable custom blanket with pictures.

Quantity, Prices, and Discounts

Our pricing aligns with the quantity to avail the best discount suited for your products. The prices are super friendly with great discounts. Our customers can order bulk or small orders without the worry of MOQ details. Our MOQ is quite low and considerate of all clients’ abilities.


Custom Blankets with pictures are easy to create as one can customize the prints and size. Vograce designing team strictly follows clients' order requests to ensure they deliver the best.

Custom Blankets with Pictures Products Details 

At Vograce, our customs are a pillar we value and give the best. Our products are come in multiple exclusive features, such as:

  • Warm and cozy
  • The custom blanket prints are non-fading.
  • A non-shrinking or shedding material
  • Colorful and bright
  • Multiple printing idea.
  • Great size to fit your requirement.
  • Different Anime choices
  • HD printing
  • Soft and easy to fold
  • A flannel material
  • The blankets have great hidden stitches

Custom Blankets with a Picture structure chart

To give the best, Vograce allows customers to create their idea custom blanket through sketches. One needs to upload the drawing/idea through the recommended channels for easy review. The structures are designed with hidden stitches, edging, flannel, and required color.

For the edges, the color is constant for every blanket. Regardless of the size and color, the edges hold a black color, which blends with all designs.


Physical appearance

The final product is a masterpiece, as the blankets give an amazing appearance and merge well with your bedroom décor. Our custom blankets with pictures are not limited to bed settings but can be nice throw blankets for different weather or watching a moving.

It's incredible how you can turn your imagination into reality. The custom blankets with pictures have a fascinating appeal, as shown on the diagram:

One can expect the best outcome with the custom blankets with pictures and allow your home to look presentable. Vograce brings the utmost grace to your home with its beautiful custom blankets. There are great products for your guests, kids, and personal use.

Incredible packaging

Vograce ensures our customer receive their product in presentable and elegant packaging. It is our pleasure to offer all clients decent packs that are durable and can withstand the pressure. The packaging is transparent for better viewing presentation.


After establishing your favorite product, the Vograce team goes down to work and produces the request. The team works within a defined timeframe that is suitable for the client and the company. However, to ensure we align with your desires. The customer needs to confirm and approve the proofs to allow the team to start.

Vograce professionals use a defined procedure as follows:

  • Vograce sends confirmation proof to customers who have purchased 5 pieces of particular or different items. The team works fast to ensure the production and shipping period fit the client's request. With this, they send the proofs within 2-5 days through email.
  • Our esteemed customers should go through the proofs. If comfortable, they can approve for the team to proceed.
  • Once approved, the team will commence delivery within the designated time.
  • Note that the production time and approval time are not considered while calculating the shipping time.
  • The time will also be determined by the product with the longest production period.