Go Wiggly giggly with Vograce Custom Acrylic Wiggly Standee

Whimsical, amazing, and incredibly designed are just but a few gestures to express the fascinating Vograce Custom Acrylic Wiggly Standee. The wiggly part gives one the gist of a musical rhythm. It's extremely addictive and appealing to view.

For a combination of humor and beauty, Vograce Custom Acrylic Wiggly Standee holds the first honors. Our Custom Acrylic Wiggly Standee is a fit for all. You can have it as a birthday gift, anniversary, promotion, home, car, and office décors.

Best Vograce Custom Acrylic Wiggly Standee key features

The fun fact about our Acrylic Wiggly Standee is that they come in multiples. The wiggly standees are designed with high-end acrylic material to offer a clear view of the pet/anime. Vograce Custom Acrylic Wiggly Standees offer amazing features like:

Printing design

Quality and fascinating are our actual trademarks. The custom acrylic wiggly standee provides printing options to suit your desires. Our customers can request for their preferred designs from a:

  • Double sided design with the same print
  • Double sided with different printing
  • Single printed design.

For printing options, our client requests, and we honorably deliver. You can get any custom printing but just a note on your order or via email.

Pet Customization

It’s always custom products for us. We value our customers’ desires, thus customizing the products to their fit. It's possible to receive your favorite anime on the wiggly standee. Actually, who wouldn't like to see their best anime/pet make the wiggly, giggly-like moves?

At Vograce, we make it possible to create any Custom Acrylic Wiggly Standee pet and design per the request.

Standee measurements

Our custom acrylic wiggly standee comes in vast measurements based on the user's need. The Standee measurement being:

  • Standee length: 26-127 mm
  • Wiggly acrylic length: 20-38 mm
  • A clear base of 26-127mm

Price, Quantity, and MOQ

Based on Vograce's incredible consideration of their customers, The prices are ever-friendly regardless of the quantity. Anyone purchasing the Custom Acrylic Wiggly Standee for gift purposes or business purposes always gets a fair deal.

Our MOQ is by far the lowest and suitable to all customers. Customers have the privilege of 3 pieces for items ordered. To get amazing discounts, our offers apply to all quantities as shown:

Shape and size

Vograce Custom Acrylic Wiggly Standee is not limited to a particular shape and size. Customization is our specialization, and we can design different shapes and sizes according to order.

Spring design

To go wiggly, our spring can really sprint to incredible lengths. Our flexible springs makes the whole Acrylic wiggly standee fun to have swing around. It’s quite swingy and lovely, thus beautifying all the occasions.

File requirements

For perfect Custom Acrylic Wiggly Standee our team requires a bit of the clients idea. The sketch structure should be defined by simple features like:

  • CMYK color
  • A file formatting of:
  • PSD
  • PNG
  • AI
  • JPG
  • CDR
  • Resolution of 300 and 1000 or more pixels.

The file sketch needs high quality formatting for better outcome.

Detailed material features

For long-lasting effect, Vograce is particular on every detail. We offer quality for every product to ensure it serves you well. The materials are well-defined with the following features:

  • HD printing 
  • Ultra-high hardness to avoid damage 
  • Laser cutting
  • Perfect elasticity 

The custom acrylic wiggly standee can withstand any pressure as it's strong, flexible, and durable. The colors are non-fading and offer a lasting impression. The pet is also well placed and beautifully decorated with appealing colors.

The Chart structure  

For simple structuring, our acrylic wiggly standee is elaborated with some clear measurements, as shown.

  • The swingable or wiggly part is 1+2.3mm
  • Stand charm: 1+2.3 mm
  • Base: 1+2.3 mm
  • Acrylic spring 5*0.4*20mm

Custom product packaging

After all the incredible work and producing your super amazing creation. Vograce packs the custom acrylic wiggly standee in a safe, transparent, and quality custom pack.

The package has item printing to ensure you get complete product details. Our customers can also view the beauty of the wiggly standee through the transparent packaging.

No need to worry of tearing or heat reactions. Our packaging is strong and can withstand all pressure. Vograce is also considerate of the environment, giving you biodegradable custom packaging.


Shipping comes with a particular excitement. This means the product is done, and you're ready to unveil the gift. Vograce shipping policy is friendly and directly based on customer proof of confirmation and item production time.

To settle for a shipping date, Vograce will send a cutline for confirmation within 2 to 5 days. The proof process applies to customers who have 5 plus products. Always check your email to avoid delaying the process. The product with the longest time will determine when you will receive the items. Huge order means more day’s right? However, Vograce teams works pretty fast to produce with the shortest time.