Freeze and Refrigerate with Style and Elegance Using Vograce Custom Non Clear Acrylic Fridge Magnets


At Vograce we don’t just add dignity and beauty to your personal items but to your home appliance as well. We are an all-round brand that elevates looks through quality unique custom-made products. Your fridge is our priority as we design custom Non clear Acrylic Fridge Magnets to beautify the fridge door.

Break the monotony of the standard fridge and freezer color by adding a touch of custom Non clear Acrylic Fridge Magnets. The magnets come in different incredible and exclusive features for a decorative and fascinating outcome.

Incredible Features on Custom Non Clear Acrylic Fridge Magnets

Amazingly, Vograce offers sophisticated custom Non Clear Acrylic Fridge Magnet at user-friendly features and prices. Each aspect is unique and based on our clients’ liking. Vograce design team never disappoints, and they are always on point, especially on the small details.

Gorgeous Design printing

Our fridge magnets take multiple forms that are pleasing to the eye. They are well crafted to fit your type of fridge and have a stunning outward look. Vograce customers get the privilege to select from:

  • Single side printing
  • A front side epoxy
  • Front side glitter epoxy
  • Front side holographic broken glasses
  • Front side holographic star
  • Front side holographic Sakura
  • Front side epoxy holographic broken glasses
  • Front side epoxy holographic star
  • Front side epoxy holographic Sakura
  • Front side glitter epoxy holographic broken glasses
  • Front side glitter epoxy holographic star
  • Front side glitter epoxy holographic Sakura


With the multiple designs we come up with the right lightweight size for your Acrylic fridge magnet. The sizes are measured based on the shape of each custom Non Clear Acrylic Fridge Magnet. Our customers can choose from vast collection of:

  • 2”(50.8mm)
  • 5”(63.5mm)
  • 3”(76.2mm)
  • 5”(88.9mm)
  • 4”(101.6mm)
  • 5”(38.1mm)

The size is determined by the pet/charm/anime shape, not the design. Vograce team is keen to ensure the sizes are not bulky and don’t weigh off the magnet.

Magnet features

It's our duty to ensure the magnet holds well and is not falling or unsticking. The Acrylic fridge magnet is user and appliance friendly. It comes with incredible features such as:

  • Nice custom shapes.
  • Strong and fast sticking
  • Environment and user-friendly.

The magnet sticking effect is long-lasting and doesn't wear off when subjected to any temperatures. At Vograce we make our custom Non Clear Acrylic Fridge magnets offer permanent and unique services.

Quantity, MOQ, Prices and Discounts

At Vograce, we believe in high quality at affordable prices. Actually you can never miss a discount in our prices regardless of the quantity of products you wish to purchase. We are good in prices, discounts, quantity and quality.

Our customers can attest to the incredible MOQ deals as we go far to give the lowest and most affordable MOQ OF 3 pieces for the product.

Cool features

  • Protective layers

At Vograce, we are always humbled by our customers' purchasing and incoming orders. We are glad working with every client regardless of the number of Fridge magnets. To maintain the relationship Vograce team ensures your Custom Non Clear Acrylic Fridge Magnets are protected.

The magnets are designed with a protective film on the surface to give a lasting effect. However, the epoxy magnets don't have film, though they are very strong and durable.

  • Acrylic Fridge Magnet usage

Vograce custom Non Clear Acrylic Fridge Magnets have various uses from:

  • Decorative aspect for your fridge and refrigerator
  • Help in holding important notices and reminders on particular activities or items.
  • Great for hiding any dented areas of the fridge.
  • Gift for your kids or anyone based on their anime or pet liking.
  • Breaking the color monotony on the fridge.

    Again, your request is our command. The Vograce brand focuses on ensuring our clients' needs are met. Our Custom Non Clear Acrylic Fridge Magnets are easily customized to our client's wishes.

    You have the privilege to order exclusive features that fit your desires. Our customers can modify the following features:

    • Size
    • Shape
    • Anime
    • Select the preferred magnet type.
    Printing and file requirements

      With customization comes printing and file requirements. At Vograce, we help actualize our clients' imaginations. With a little guidance, your creativity will be presented in real form.

      Our customer wishing to purchase the Acrylic Fridge Magnets should upload their sketches following the requirements below:

      Printing choice:

      • CMYK printing

      File requirements: (Formats)

      • PSD (preferred)
      • PNG (preferred)
      • PDF
      • AI File


      • CMYK color

      The color combinations blend well with pet choices. There are multiple color choices, including blue, red, and pink.

      General Features

      All Vograce Non Clear Acrylic Fridge Magnets hold general characteristic that defines the odds as follows:

      • Incredible HD printing
      • Smooth surface and material
      • Robust
      • Laser cutting Acrylic

      Packaging and shipping

        The Vograce brand and team members are quite considerate in terms of packaging and shipping. Our clients get the best as the products are well-packed with strong, durable, and protective products. We have two main packaging sets:

        • Custom package (at a small fee)
        • Default packaging

        Our packaging are environmental and human friendly. They are clear and well-labelled.

        Our shipping policies are also friendly and conducted based on the client's approval of product proof. Vograce designing team sends a confirmation of proof to your email within 2-5 days. Once approved, the production work starts. This helps determine the shipping dates. However, the shipping period is determined by the product with the longest production time.