Scratch To Reveal with Vograce Custom Scratch Off Cards


There is always striking beauty that comes with Vograce artwork. The Custom Scratch off Cards are amazing masterpiece designed with incredible printings.

Our Scratch-Off Cards really entice your clients, friends and family to reveal beautiful anime and features.

It's a great way to motivate and expand your business, as the cards can act as gifts or scratch to reveal various prices. Vograce is the ultimate producer of custom, simple, classy scratch off cards that suit multiple areas.


We recommend waiting for the page to load before entering the custom requirement to add to the shopping cart because the software loading speed problems are caused by price errors we will contact you to modify the order

By default, each card comes with 2 scratch-off coatings. If you need more scratch-off coating, please purchase them separately (select "only buy scratch-off coatings"). Additional scratch-off coating purchased will be packaged separately.

Anticipation with Vograce Custom Scratch off Cards

At Vograce, we know how to build suspense and anticipation. Our scratch cards bring out the fun of scratching with the high aim of winning.

The patterns are well placed with enough coating to hide the price. Whether purchasing the scratch cards for business or gifts, our cards will make the experience memorable.


Why pay more when we offer quality at a low price? Besides, why seek local scratch off cards when Vograce ships internationally at perfect prices?

Discount is our thing; for the Custom Scratch off Cards, the prices are pocket-friendly. Get a low MOQ for the smallest orders of up to three cards.

Speaking about custom made

Our Custom Scratch off Cards are highly customized to fit client's needs. Though some features come by default, we gladly step out of our way to offer additional products and features. As a customer, you posses a high privilege to request different products of liking, and we deliver.

Size (back size and scratch size)

Though size is determined by numbers. Our scratch off Cards aren't too large or bulky to handle. It's a matter of reasoning and providing the clients with small, simple sizes as follows:

  • 9*6 cm
  • 10*17cm
  • A custom size

Scratch size

The scratching area is reserved with the following sizes, with the smallest being 1*3 cm.

  • 1*3 cm
  • 2*2 cm
  • 5*2.5*

Printing design

The printing design depicts one's uniqueness. Vograce goes for custom products, allowing customers to provide their own preferred creations. The Scratch off Cards also attain the custom design level with users selecting either of the options shown:

  • A double-sided printing with different designs on the back and front.
  • The double-sided with same design on all sides.
  • Single printing

All printings are unique designed to match user’s needs. With multiple orders, you can explore all the printing designs by requesting for double-sided, single or same sided prints.

Default features

Our custom scratch off cards are defined by fascinating features that are quite attractive. We have default features that like the scratch-off coating. Vograce is generous as the product comes with two (2) scratch coatings. However, you can request for more coating by purchasing the coating separately.

Special features of scratch off cards

With our Custom Scratch off cards, you gain vast benefits since the cards are:

  • The cards are water resistant as they have a special lamination.
  • All materials are durable and don’t fade even on regular use.
  • A low MOQ making it easy to purchase as low as three products.
  • The scratch off cards are custom made with high-end quality and long-lasting.

Product details

We have put the best combination of scratch-off cards features to produce a final product as shown:

  • UV printing
  • Reusable
  • Strong adhesion.
  • Scratch coating that is greatly engaging.

A quick structure

To avail the best and improve quality, the user can check out our chart structure and create their own scratch-off card sketch.                                                                                                                     

  • The scratch off piece
  • Card

 It's a hands-on work experience as Vograce provides simple instructions that offer the best end results.

  • First, avail the scratch-off card.
  • Next, peel the coating from the release paper as directed.
  • Now, stick the coating on the card.
  • Ensure its coating holds to avoid pealing.
  • You can easily scratch off using a simple object or using your hands.
  • The user can recycle the card or purchase additional scratch coating.

Simple design sketch

Your card needs to display mandatory requirements to ensure you avail the best scratch-off card. Interested users should make the following outline.

Important details

  • The file should be 300 dpi or 1000 pixels.
  • Ensure the color mode is CMYK.
  • For accuracy, the bleed should be 1.5mm
  • Single sided design printing the back side should be plan.
  • The best file format is PSD or PNG.
  • For quick, accurate cutting and sketching, the colored offer guide is as follows:
  • Cutting line: this the real product size
  • Print safety line: sometime a deviation or need for particular design.
  • Bleed line: you need to extend the printing designs up to the bleeding line.

Packaging and shipping

With customized products, our packaging is very attractive, safe, and well-labeled. Your custom scratch-off cards are designed to fit the packaging. The packs are transparent making it easy to view the products before actual opening. After the product confirmation, Vograce gets to work to ensure they deliver your product on designated time.