On the Go with Vograce Sophisticated Custom Acrylic 3D Cartoon Car Charms


At Vograce we make you feel lucky with our fascinating sophisticated Custom Acrylic Cars Charms. For individuals in the charming décor products. Vograce 3D Cartoon Cars Charms are the products to settle for.

The Acrylic 3D Cartoons Car Charms have a personalized touch as they as customized to fit the client's desire. Custom Acrylic 3D Cartoon Car Charms are a perfect description of perfection, stylish, and exclusivity. They come in multiple color flavors and blend in well with all occasions.

Our custom Acrylic 3D Cartoon Car Charms define high-end beauty with their incredible design, especially the custom acrylic standee. The Car Charms are presentable as home décor, car dashboard décor, office, gift, and souvenir.

Custom Acrylic 3D Cartoon Car Charms Color Choice

At Vograce we color your world. We value our product appearance and go for appealing color options. It's all about balance as all protocols are observed. Bright or, light colored we got our clients covered with different color choices such as:

  • Sweet Pink.
  • Sky blue
  • Pearl white.


The color blends in with home décor, attires, cars, and all surroundings. Besides the main product color, the anime/pet is designed with bright amazing cool colors.

 Design printing

Perfection, and unique and charming. Vograce is particular on the product printing designs. Customers can request for same design or different printing on each side. For your Custom Acrylic 3D Cartoon Car Charm the design comes as:

  • Printing on both sides of the car.
  • Acrylic Standee double-sided printing

The Acrylic Standee is transparent and available in double printing where the sides are mirrored. Vograce uses a top-notch technique to print the standees on a single side or double side different designs/same design.

Each Car Charm contains amazing printing based on the user's preference. It’s possible to customize the designs according to the client's desire. Vograce team is always ready to deliver despite the complexity. Your design print choice matters and we are ready to implement.


To beautify the Car Charms our teams have crafted multiple accessories with different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can choose the best accessory from the list:

The accessories align with all the custom Acrylic 3D Cartoon Car Charms as all colors are represented.

Quantity, Price, MOQ, and Discount

At Vograce mass production is our calling. Customers can order huge Acrylic 3D Car Charm order at pocket-friendly prices. Our MOQ is quite low and reasonable with the quantity starting from 3 pieces for items.

To attain a 10% off discount one should purchase 6+ pieces. The prices apply to all clients regardless of the purchase purpose.

Product Details

Our Custom Acrylic 3D Cartoon Car Charm holds fascinating features that are unique in all Car Charms.


Vograce Custom Acrylic 3D Cartoon Car Charm is well balanced with each aligned with a particular measurement.

  • The Acrylic Standee printing estimate size is 3.3*3.3 cm.
  • Length and width are 55mm*56mm.
  • The top measurements being 36mm.
  • 36mm*56mm*55mm

The size is appropriate for portability as the car charm can fit in well on your palm, pocket, or bag. It's not bulky but beautiful to carry around. The top accessory is designed to open easily and lock making it easy to hang the Car Charm on the designated area without worrying about weight and size.

Acrylic Standee

Vograce Custom Acrylic Standees on the Car Charms are designed with high professionalism. They are well-placed to cover the anime/pet. The transparent acrylic gives a clear fascinating view of your favorite image.

File Requirements

Our Custom made products require some few sketching and structure. Vograce allows for personalization through custom-made products with the client's idea.

To communicate your ideas, Vograce requires file uploads with specific details such as:

File format:

  • PSD
  • PNG
  • PDF
  • AI
  • JPG
  • CDR


  • CMYK color

Resolution and Pixels

Please Upload PSD/PNG/PDF/AI/JPG/CDR file. Please providing CMYK colour. Need 300 resolution, 1000 pixels or more.The best file to upload is PNG transparent background or PSD format


Vograce products travel far and wide, we are experts in our custom-made field and there is no need to worry about distance. Our shipping policy is well-define and client friendly. Order your Custom Acrylic 3D Cartoon Car Charms and receive it as you like within the set duration.

For 5 plus pieces, Vograce offers a cutline for confirmation which the customer needs to approve.  One should indicate if they require the proof for confirmation. Vograce works swiftly sending the proof within 2-5 working days.

Our shipping timeframe is calculated by:

  • Production time
  • Approval or proof or confirmation time.
  • Product complexity with the longest item production time determines the shipping period.


With the great work comes incredible, safe, and fashionable packaging. The product's packaging is designed with custom packets which are strong and durable. The packs are transparent, labelled, and presentable. Customers also get the privilege to provide their preferred packaging products. They should be sent in advance for easy packing and shipping.