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Wonderful service and product

These keychains came out amazing! The glitter is so pretty ^^ The customer service was great and they gave me some extras too which I really appreciate. Thank you guys, <3

Really satisfied

The key rings are beautiful! And the design really respects the one I sent! A big thank you and I will definitely order again!

Great Quality

Well-made and high-quality keychains, my design looks lovely!


I got 10 different designs for a total of 51 charms for my dnd group, and the charms were absolutely amazing. I can't recommend Vograce more!


The keychains came out cute! They came on 5/18/22 and they look so nice! At first, I was disappointed with the scratches on the back, until I took off the protective film and they looked a lot nicer! Aether (character on the right) was a lot smaller than I expected (I wanted Lumine's and Aether's heads to be the same size), so I will have to make Lumine smaller next time. The star handle clip made it a little difficult to put on my backpack, so I hope Vograce makes the star bigger. The colors were a little bit darker but it wasn't too noticeable. Otherwise, they were high quality! This was my first time ordering so it was really exciting. <3


Honestly the washi's came out fabulously! Will be buying again!

Soooo pretty

Absolutely would recommend getting this if you're looking for a new type of keychain that's not just a normal, flat acrylic one. There's this mirror effect that magnifies everything around the image itself, which gives a cool 'through the looking glass' vibe to virtually any background. And when you put it up against the light, it's so pretty. It doesn't necessarily give off rainbow colors, but it definitely gives off filtered highlights that similar to a holographic effect. All in all, I'm definitely purchasing another set of metal-frame keychains.

Other highlights:

1) Weight of the keychain is heavier than regular acrylic keychain, which feels nice in my hand
2) Will message you beforehand to ensure the placement of image is as you'd like and adjust as necessary
3) Multiple A-grade (5), some B-grade (3), and a few C-grade (2) keychains in the batch of 10 all in all
4) Metal rim that frames the resin is sturdy while the acrylic makes nice, rounded convex shape


Acrylic Standee

Absolutely LOVE the acrylic standees. There are imperfections, but with the deal that you're getting and the fact that you get /three/, I'm perfectly happy with my purchase since these are for myself, anyways. Two are B-grade since one has small 'dents/bubbles' on both sides while the third is C-grade because there was a small spot discoloration on the actual image. So I put one of the B-grades in my merch binder for safe-keeping, stored the other B-grade in a special box for 'just in case', and the C-grade stand on display because if it gets scratched, I'm okay with that. It works out very well. :D

Other notable details for all three of them:
1) The plastic film was tricky to get off, which is a good thing because it definitely protected the surface layers from scratches.
2) The base was sturdy and the standee fit onto it perfectly.
3) The cutting was very precise and neat around the image
4) Packaging was protective, so all items arrived safely
5) Customer service with Candy was A+++ and they were a joy to communicate with


I really love them

They are so pretty! The best quality. I will be reordering. ME ENCANTAN <3

Nice quality

The colors looked great and the communication with the customer service was good 👍

First time buyer.

First time buying acrylic charms, and I'm so happy with them. 10/10 will order more again! Thank you!

Omg! How cute!

I made this more as a "sample" to test and see the glitter on acrylic keychains because I've only seen plain ones before and omg I loved it so so much! I will be getting more for sure later on!

Ahhhhh! I love it!

Let me tell you how excited I was to try one of these with my own design! Wow the excitement was so real and the smile on my face when I opened them and saw them! Wow. I get so many compliments on it and I will be coming back for more so I can get my other designs manufactured. Vograce is the best hands down!


Words cannot describe how excited I was to try some things on Vograce, and when I saw they had custom notebooks I just had to get some! The print quality is stunning!! I love them so so much and I could not be happier honestly they're just down right perfect and I will definitely continue to order on Vograce!


First time ordering from here and I don‘t regret it one bit! Communication was great and my keychains turned out amazing. I will 100% order again!

Love the Keychain!

I'm interested in having an online shop and heard that Vograce was a good choice. I got my package yesterday and I'm very impressed with the quality of the keychains. My artwork was printed in beautifully bright colors and the plastic is strong. I also love how they have fun different options for the chain like the star I'm planning on continuing using Vograce to print keychains.

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super cute

I bought some keychains to test Vograce and I love them. they even did special cuts they I requested they turned out great I'm defiantly gonna buy again!!

Exceeded expectations

My client and I were very impressed by the quality of these keychains- they came out exactly as envisioned. The communication was great as well and required a proof approval both before manufacturing and shipping. I was a little unprepared that they would be coming from China, but will be ordering again with the right timeline in mind.


very communicative which is the best!

Great Stickers!

I love the stickers I got of my custom art. My images look great and the ordering process was so easy. The stickers are durable and the colours are vibrant.

Amazing Charms!

This was my first time ordering and I was really impressed with the quality as well as the communication process! Will definitely order more in the future!


It was my first time ever ordering acrylic keychains. I heard about Vograce from an artist on Instagram and I definitely wanted to try out! I thought the shipping would be faster, but I understand the distance that there’s between us. Once the order arrived home, I was super excited; the quality and everything was perfect and beautiful. I’ll order again!

Amazing results

I ordered a batch of these (double sided, no special finish) recently and they look fantastic. This was my 1st time ordering from vograce and I had a hiccup in the process from my side, but customer services was there and quick to answer. I am really happy with how they look and their quality. Will definitely recommend and order again. Great flexibility for the quantities, which I have rarely seen anywhere. So if I want 20 different models with just a few copies, it is doable. Love that ! I ordered the samples box to see the other options and I want to try different finishes the next time around maybe, they all look great ! Really excited by the results !!

ashwood keychains

The natural wood keychains arrived .!. their beauty well exceeded my expectations. With our mom's beach watercolor, we were hoping for a look as if her artwork were painted on driftwood - wow, truly wonderful. Though ordered as keychains, we intend to modify they a bit into unique tree ornaments - for family and friends of our parents.


I love how it ternd out