Vograce VIP Introduction

Hi everyone,today is a good day to introduce our VIP to you.

You know VIP is a very good chance to get best discounts of a company, and so does Vograce!

We offer our best honor to our every VIP and hope to provide the best bargains for you!

Now I will introduce the gifts for Vograce VIP. Let’s start.


First gift: 8% off for No Limit Use

Yes you can get the biggest discount all the round. You can get 8%off anytime you order at Vograce! (Yes it’s the biggest discount. For you know, we didn’t sell them at high price, so the price zoom is not so big.)

Notice: The shipping fee can’t be included.


Second gift:VIP Coupons Package

Every month, you will get a $20 coupon. That’s to say, you will get $240 coupon if you order every month.


The $20 coupon is valid when you order over $100.

Every month will have a code, welcome to visit our page and get the code of that month!~


Quesiont: If I can use the first and second gift together?

Answer: Yes! You can use the USD20 coupon of the month+ 8% discount of VIP discount. Since the discount system can only recognize one coupon code, you can enter the 8% coupon code and write the USD20 coupon code in the order notes. Our representative will refund you manually after seeing it.


Third gift: A Free Sample Package.

We will give our hottest products in a lovely sample pack.

Notice: you can order the sample pack with the sample pack code, you can put the code in the note too.


Forth gift: Introduction Gifts $40 Coupon

If you love vograce VIP, and would like to share to your friends, welcome! we have 2 $20 coupons gift both for you and your friend!

That’s to say:
Introduce newcomers to join VIP,both sides get $40coupons (2*$20coupons)
Note the introducer's registration email when buying.


(One $20 coupon is Valid over $100;
2 $20 coupon can be superimposed, for example,eg:$200-$40;$300-$60)

So if you introduce 2 friends to join VIP, you can get $80 coupon; if you introduce 3 friends to join VIP, you can get $120 coupon......

Is it very good? Find your friend now!


VIP Valid time:

Vograce VIP is valid for one year, eg:2022 VIP is valid in 2022!

So if you buy early, it is more worthy.


Early buy, early enjoy!





When will it be okay after I buy the VIP?


Normally, it will be valid within 24 hours, or you are very ergent, welcome to contact us at vograce.com/ or find us at twitter/facebook/instagram/discord /email:service@vograce.com

When we see the messages, we will deal with it as soon as possible.


Welcome to visit Vograce VIP, and new year, we hope we can provide more creative products!

Welcome to contact us in the site or email us for questions or find us in social media:

Email: service@vograce.com
Instagram: @vograce_new  @vograce_oya 

Discord: Vograce Chat 
TikTok: @vogracecharms


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