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Number of artwork colors

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The default material is zinc alloy. If you require a different material or additional processes, such as gold powder, back stamping, or epoxying, please consult with the sales representative for a separate quotation.

Product name Enamel pin
Material Zinc Alloy(default), Iron, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Tin, Nickel, Titanium, Niobium, Silver, Gold, etc
MOQ 50 pcs/design
Process Die casting, soft enamel with or without epoxy, hard enamel, etc
Plating Options Gold, Nickel, Copper, Brass, Black Nickel, Silver etc
Estimated shipping cost, production time, logistics timeliness
Special Craft Glitter, glow in dark etc.
Colors Pantone color
Thickness 0.8mm-3.5mm
Can be customized Shape, size, design,Thickness
Format of file PS, JPG, AI,CDR(CMYK)

Design Notice

1 Please draw a color diagram.

2 If you know the Pantone standard color, please note the Pantone color number and mark the required process under the color.

3 The line is about 0.3 mm thick. The edge line of enamel design should be 0.2 mm, and the width for coloring area should be wider than 0.3 mm.

4 We will send you the proof for confirming. Proof needs to be checked carefully.

The finished product will be produced according to the proof sent before.

5 Logo and patterns can be printed on the back of the badge.

6 The soft enamel pins can add the epoxy effect. It will make the background semi transparent.

7 Gradient, highlight, shadow effect are not allowed now.

8 Hard enamel design notice: the colors of different areas need to be separated by a closed line.

If you still have questions, welcome to leave your questions below, or send us by You can also find us at Facebook, Twitter.  

Metal products can be made into badges, commemorative coins, keychains, car logo medals, double-sided coins, keychains, refrigerator stickers, bottle openers, large badges, medal, bag hanger, bookmark, cuff, tie clip, dog tag, ornament, belt buckle, golf tools and other products.

My dear friend, the following information needs to be given to the salesman including the Material, Size, Quantity, Process, Thickness, Plating Options, Special Craft, Colors.


Recommended size: 1-2.5 inches


The default thickness is 2cm.


We have all kinds of different process, each has different effect, you can choose from them freely.

Hard Enamel Pin 

Hard enamel pin is high-grade and beautiful with smooth surface and bright and pure color. The workmanship is very exquisite. The price is a little higher, the size is generally suitable for 2.5-5cm. If you want to make some fantastic badges, it's the first choice.


Soft Enamel Pins 

Beautiful and colorful. But you can't make gradients. The convex part can not be painted, only the concave part can be painted. It needs to be properly preserved, otherwise the paint may fade.


Die Casting Process 

Die casting process is suitable for making hollow, multi-level badges. It has the strongest three-dimensional sense and can carve very small lines. Generally, there are many medals, badges and commemorative medals. The price is higher; the duration is the longer.


Stamping Process 

The stamping process has strong concave convex feeling and high quality texture. The badge made by stamping process is wear-resistant, non deformable and three-dimensional. It can be used for various badges, badges, Keychains and commemorative coins. Only solid color and monochrome.


Printing Epoxy Process 

Printing Epoxy Process can be used as gradation and multicolor badges. The price is low and the price is high. The general badge thickness is 1.5-2mm (including dropping glue), and it can be thickened.


Special Craft

Glitter, glow in dark etc.


Please draw a color diagram.

If you know Pantone standard color, please note Pantone color number and mark the required process under the color.


You can choose the accessories as you like.  


Electroplating color

Gold, Nickel, Copper, Brass, Black Nickel, Silver etc.

Different plating colors have different prices. It's about the basic color of the badge.


Paper bags and the Packing box are avaliable to choose from.

Project timelines

10-20 days



1, Can you make customlized shape or customlized logo?

Yes, we can make the keychain your shape or make your logo on our keychain.

2,When OEM, which kind of file should give?

3D design: SLD, IGS

2D design: PDF, CDR, AI and JPG in high resolution


My dear friend, the following information needs to be given to the salesman including the Material, Size, Quantity, Process, Thickness, Plating Options, Special Craft, Colors


Enamel pin.With the method of enamel into the color of the badge, is the highest end into the color of the process, often in the production of military, state organs and especially commemorative significance, to be preserved for a long time the badge, commemorative COINS, MEDALS, etc.

Product Introduction:
Enamel badge (also known as cloisonne badge), a badge in the high - grade craft.Iron and copper as the main material, with enamel powder (like bean paste)
It has the following characteristics:
1. The color is almost flush with the metal line
2. Into the enamel powder,dark color,never fade
3. Hard,sharp objects cannot be hurt


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Martyna S.
Love them!

Just perfect, every piece is so beautiful! and detailed! Thank you.

Kwin R.
So cute

perfect !

Jade S.
Silver plated Enamels

Love the quality, colors are vibrant and clean lines. its very nice and the secure locks on the back are great since the pin is a bit heavy.

Wonderful Metal Work, Confusing Colours

This is my 1st pin, and they did amazing job on translating my overly busy design into vectors and the metal work is FANTASTIC with all the tiny details. My only issue is the colours.

The Support did really lovely back and forths with me to find the optimal ones, but I wish they either used the pantone colours (as per requested in the instructions), or gave us their own palette to chose from, because they keep sending back their own version of the colours I chose.

Due to my inexperience I insisted on a darker palette that seemed closer to my pantone choices, as opposed to to very light setup the graphic team suggested, so the end result is not great. So please be aware that all colours they send will look about 15-20% darker in paint than on screen.

Aside from that I'm very happy with the job they did and the support and patience they gave throughout the process. Nevertheless, the colour choosing options are rather awkward rn and I hope there will be better ways to handle that in the future.
I also didn't have any items I deem as quality B so I'm happy about that as well.

Prescillia R.
Exceeding my expectations

The pin's are so cute and well made!
The number of pin's to order to get a correct ratio between the producing prices and the sale prices is a bit high... but keep in mind that hard enamel pin's are expensive merch.

I am definitely going to order more when the occasion shows up 😊
Plus, the Vograce team has always been very kind and helpful with any question or doubt I've had so far!

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