What Are Phone Grip?

Although you might think Phone Grip have only one use, they actually have many. So what's Phone Grip for? In general, they make it easier for you to do simple things with your smartphone. The following tips and techniques will help you master the tips of using Phone Grip.

  1. Hold on

Phone Grip is mainly used as an extra grip, which is particularly useful for larger smartphones. Popsocket can solve this problem if you often drop your mobile phone or it's difficult to hold a large one comfortably.

  1. Perfect selfie

Phone Grip makes it easier for you to hold the phone in one hand and touch the shutter button. It also offers more freedom with angles, and solid grip, meaning you no longer need to grope around to find the most flattering lens.

  1. Use it as a bracket to support the mobile phone
  2. Manage wired headphones

Put one Phone Grip toward the top of the phone and the other toward the bottom of the phone. You can use this setting to wind the cable earplug around Phone Grip to use a non-tangled cable storage when not in use. It may seem silly, but it's much easier than undoing earplugs every time you take them out of your pocket.

  1. Customize pop socket

Vograce can customize pop sockets for you. The price is not high, and the price is reasonable.


How to custom?

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How to make it?

Phone Holder Button Custom Instruction


Where to buy? 

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